Post your most listened to albums of the last week






I have tried it but not working for me? how to add songs in spotify list (by uploading them)? Help?



this is basically how i do it (please bear in mind i am rubbish at explaining things)

#(on your computer) add mp3 files to spotify
in Settings it gives you options to add your entire music library to spotify, or “add a source” to choose specific folders. example…

#add tracks to a playlist
the songs should now be in Local Files, you can add them to a playlist from there. example…

#(on your phone) select the playlist and download
i think the desktop spotify client has to be open at the same time.

and that is how to do it
(welcome to DiS by the way)



Again, Slap Bass Hunks would be tops it if I could figure out how to make Deezer/Lastfm recognize my uploaded playlist ¯_(ツ)_/¯


… or how to scrobble from bandcamp. Computer savvy folks to thread






Had to add captions due to no album covers for two



I’ve been spinning that USA Nails album a fair bit too @mouth_breather - great stuff :+1:


My own music is in there, how gauche.


I think you can tell I am excited to see Ryan Adams tomorrow


People are still listening to The Magic Whip in 2017? :wink:


aye, was listening to it again for the first time in ages while waiting on new gorillaz, it’s a solid album!