Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Cmon theo

You’re listening to The Offspring in 2017


Which is their best album! I’m not spinning Days Go By. Any earlier Blur album would have got no comment TBH


It is their best album… but cmon… Offspring in 2017 :wink:




It’s not about relevance, just that shorn of the “oh wow, Blur are back” noise, The Magic Whip is a pretty uninspiring album. Although I fully get @cutthelights reasoning here.


Top left is the new USA Nails one and I’ve been listening to the Ricky Baker song from the Hunt for the Wilderpeople soundtrack loads.

That Big Business album is massively underrated, give it a blast if you like riff-heavy sludge rock.

Only just discovered/properly listened to Pissed Jeans. Fucking great band.


Only time I saw them live was that tour too so fond memories of those songs



Shabazz Palaces’ new single reminded me to go back to Lese Majesty. Bumped that all week and probably will at the gym again today.

Also some of Julia Hitler’s older albums. Mostly Ekstasis




Shit haha damn my bad


I haven’t done Last FM in a while, but…

Over the last seven days, these are the records I’ve played:
Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression
DIIV, Is The Is Are
Wild Nothing, Life of Pause
Snail Mail, Habit (EP)
Julie Byrne, Not Even Happiness

+ new singles by:
Beach Fossils
Slow Dive

The Snail Mail record is my favorite of the bunch. I LOVE IT.


Where’s the new USA Nails album streaming Shucks?





Part Chimp album is some epic slab of sludge


Same ol


It’s a great album (Dawnwalker). If I’d made it I’d listen back to it a fair bit


Nah listening to your own music is torture. Was at band practice and i was playing it to the other guys and streaming it was the easiesy way :rofl: