Post your most listened to albums of the last week




Just revived my account and found I haven’t scrobbled since 2014!

This week been mainly listening to…

Kara-Lis Coverdale - 'Grafts’
Belarisk - 'Moments In Shapeshifting’
Various - 'Mono No Aware’
Soundway Records - 'Nigerian Disco Doing It In Lagos’
Abul Mogard - ‘Works’


Top left should be Alex rex, too indie to be recognised by last fm





I saw Rival Schools and Cooper Temple Clause in the same week once (years ago). The former supporting A, the latter Muse. One of those rare occasions when the support put on a better show than the main act, both times.



Not particularly hard to be better than A!


I was a fan at the time. Still got a lot of time for Monkey Kong.

But yes.


@ericthefourth any black metal recs?


Looks like youve got the bases covered. Tbh i think that 95% of black metal is trash but burzum, emperor, ulver, twilight, wittr, leviathan is pretty much all i need.


yeah, I don’t like stuff that’s too hifi and trebly. That Ulver record was pretty great in that it had at least some variation!


Youve probably heard em but if not the twilight self titled and leviathans massive conspiracy are usbm classics for me. Some people like the weakling record but i cba.

OOH one other is fauna’s the hunt. Theyre like a really raw WITTR.




I quite like this alternative artwork for The Lemon of Pink too:




That new Spoon album is ridiculously listenable.