Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Bouncer’s Dream is a great title





@bodyinthethames you need to sort out the album art somehow.


You bought this off bandcamp yeah?

Odd. There shouldn’t be an issue.
What program is this screenshot from?

Does the artwork appear on your phone/media player?


The artwork’s in the album, no worries. The link will be in Last.FM somewhere. I quite often get black squares from the tapmusic program for albums.

I was only being semi-serious although I can’t recall if adding album art to music in Last.FM is actually an easy thing. Maybe it is.


I guess you need to go in and assign stuff?

What’s odd is I can’t see the Stone Soup EP on the albums list there but obviously the system knows somwhere. Hmm.


Woah. I haven’t looked at a dashboard for about 9 years

Looks so primitive



Teen Suicide are ok despite the shit name. Some of the guys other stuff is also good. Listened to let it be for the first time this week. Long and winding road is probably one of the worst things


not sure how records appear in the album list but i think it comes from the musicbrainz database. but if someone has listened to a certain record by a certain artist there will be a entry for it, just not necessarily in the artist’s album list. if you go into your library for that artist, click on the album and click “go to album page” then you’re there. uploading artwork from there is also incredibly simple, you just go to Artwork or click on the (empty) cover and just upload it from your desktop.