Post your most listened to albums of the last week



How’s the new Black Lips LP?


You know what I don’t really know. I left deezer playing on my comp at work while I was in a meeting haha. It must’ve repeated at least twice before I realised.

First couple sounded quite raucous


:smile: haha I’ve only heard the first couple of tracks too! Stuck it on the day it was released and haven’t gone back to it since…

Though yeah definitely sounded like there was a bit more going on with it than on Underneath The Rainbow.






at an Angel Olsen gig last week? judging by the entire left hand column…



Ha yeah I quite enjoyed both Angel and Tim’s sets though other people on the boards seemed less enthused by them! Did you catch her on this tour?


That Priests album is ridiculously listenable.


Their early recordings album on Spotify is well worth checking out too!


I shall do, thank you! They were selling it at their gig at Oslo and I really regret not picking up the vinyl. Got a sweet tee tho!


I was at that show too and was very tempted by one of those tees! Did you catch Sacred Paws set too?


yeah saw them both last sunday! Olsen’s set was great, enjoyed Darcy as well although i much prefer him with Ought


Ah I’ve not seen Ought but love their output though! I imagine because of this solo LP we won’t be hearing any new material from them until next year…


seen them a couple of times, always good live! yeah i was hoping they were going to keep up that initial fast work ethic but it seems not



What’s middle bottom? It’s pretty.