Post your most listened to albums of the last week





Quite enjoying those new releases from Chastity Belt, Ulrika Spacek & Beach Fossils. The Magic Bridge by Richard Dawson was a wonderful new discovery too.


What’s the album on the bottom right?



Master by The Jimmy Cake. love the cover.

it’s only 3 (very long, instrumental) tracks which goes to show how little i’ve listened to this week.

also one of the tracks is called ‘Death Can Fuck Off’ which is a great title




A lot of plays for Capacity since it’s release on Friday. Revisited Julian Baker’s Sprained Ankle after seeing her live last Monday. Marika Hackman & Land of Talk were the new discoveries of the week (Cheers Mouth Breather & Jordan numbers).

@Icarus-Smicarus I also checked out that The Jimmy Cake album - Death Can Fuck Off is a storming and relentless psyche beast of a track, ain’t it?



It’s been a shoegazey kind of week.



Hey there, this is could be awesome fresh post punk/darkwave group from Indonesia. Listen to them on






yeah! earlier stuff was sort of more pastoral post-rock with lots of folky instruments involved (but still some big doomy moments), then they didn’t release anything for quite a few years, then came back with this much spacier huge sound. enjoy both although the longer song lengths can be a little bit impenetrable. got a new one coming out which sounds much the same from what i’ve listened to so far (i have to review it and keep forgetting about it).


What is the thing with the cat and the effects pedals???