Post your most listened to albums of the last week



My Most listened to album/single is Skute-Dizzle an unknown artist that’s making noise check him out here


I found this unknown artist and can’t stop listening to it:





There were SO many great releases in June!







really depressing thread :frowning:


darn, I forgot to do mine on Monday.


how so? how this is subtly the most successful NO CHAT thread ever? I find it interesting to just glance over, especially when looking back at releases and events that have spurred listeners in certain weeks.


just seems like everyone’s just posting to themselves and ignoring everyone else. Maybe not the thread for that but would be good if people talked about the stuff rather than just posting thumbnails


do you really want me to start a conversation with @cowcow about Scooter?


it’s fine just I feel sad for people putting the effort in here and not getting a response :frowning:


I suppose what’s most annoying for me is the fact you can’t use the thumbnails for any type of analysis, as in there’s no data behind them, just a picture of some pictures. There’s not much to say about a picture of some pictures.


just talk about some cool music, I want to discover something new but pictures don’t give me anything to go on


Sorry Bamnan but that’s simply not true. I know it’s a lengthy thread to wade through but people definitely do take notice of others listening habits and probe each other with questions. I’ve gotten a number of good album recommendations from this thread just by commenting ‘Ooo that’s some pretty artwork!’. Quite regularly chat with @Icarus-Smicarus and @mouth_breather in here PLUS I recall @Yesiamaduck putting me in my place about a certain Rachel Stevens album!

If anything this is one of the least judgemental threads on the boards…