Post your most listened to albums of the last week



true. Perhaps a format where we list some points about the pictures would be better.

for my part, I often do it first thing on a monday morning, when I’m running weekly reports, so don’t really think about it, which is counter productive in amny ways.


fair enough.

what’s a good album to check out?



I’ve been enjoying these two records a fair bit recently :slightly_smiling_face:

Destroyer - Poison Season

Quite a nostalgic sounding album in the vein of Bowie / Roxy Music. Though some of the tracks with sonic bursts of saxophone remind me of Springsteen.

The Feelies - In Between

Definitely an album that should be listened to as a whole. It starts quite minimally but as the album progresses, it grows in sound, getting just a little bit noisier and noisier. The final track reprise is a beast!

I do agree that their could be a bit more chat in here but it’s also nice to see which Dissers have similar tastes to one another.

Hope you like the records!


I’ve currently got Soft Sounds From Another Planet on - Boyish is gorgeous! You got any favourite tracks?

Only just discovered The Courtneys too!


cool will check these out later when I’m done mixing and will let you know :slight_smile: thanks x


No worries man! Really looking forward to hearing your new stuff - loved your last album :slightly_smiling_face:


aww thanks, might be done as soon as tomorrow!


Think ‘Road Head’ might be my favourite on it so far. The whole album is pretty great though, really enjoying it. Bang into The Courtneys at the moment as well.


Yeah love the little guitar loop that plays throughout Road House and the little synth-y flourishes! Was rather spoilt for new releases last Friday; I’ve pretty much had this and Out In The Storm on all week!

Discovered The Courtney’s through Allison Crutchfield’s related artist page on Spotify. Great summery sounding albums!


it’s not exactly much effort





just listened to the feelies album; I really liked it! Surprisingly uplifting and bouncey for such a low-key sparse record. Really worked as a cohesive whole though you are right, especially liked the big wig-out at the end! Will have to listen again on headphones to get a lot of the lyrics I think.


Really glad to hear that you liked it Bam! I’m not overly familiar with the rest of their catalogue besides their debut Crazy Rhythms which is a bit of a classic. Maybe give that a go too!


yeah cool, I’ll try that this afternoon.

Will listen to the Destroyer one later too!


That Pinkshinyultrablast album seems to have passed a lot of people by, but I’d say it’s right up there with my favourite shoegaze albums ever. Pure heavenly bliss.


Been on a bit of a Deerhunter (and all related projects) binge since that thread was started and the Moon Diagrams album was released a couple of weeks back. The latest by Waxahatchee and Japanese Breakfast are still on heavy rotation too.


Really enjoyed the Japanese Breakfast, Kane Strang and Lo Tom albums this week. great stuff.