Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Was a little annoyed when the missus said that Japandroids sound like Busted. Still hitting Japanese Breakfast HARD. Great album. Same for Waxahatchee.




new one didn’t really do anything for me at all tbf


:grinning: same! Still a harsh comparison though…



Posted wrong link!


That’s more like it. The blank cover is not Dean Blunt’s Black Metal but the brilliant Laissez Passer by TootArd:


Finally discovered Pia Fraus this week. loving every moment of Everything Now. probably AOTY for me.


The Men are brilliant! I didn’t realise that they had released anything since Tomorrow’s Hits though! How does Devil Music rate against the rest of their catalogue?


Nite Jewel and Steely Dan were my new discoveries of the week. Played alongside this years regularly played favourites.


Didn’t think I’d go in so hard on a Lana Del Rey album after the past couple which have been so unmemorable, but I’m really loving the new one. That Daphni album is a banger too.


I think Devil Music went under the radar a bit, probably due to being self-released rather than put out by Sacred Bones. In all honesty it’s probably my least favourite The Men record, though I love everything else they’ve done so it’s by no means bad. It’s a bit of a return to their noise rock roots and sounds quite similar to Leave Home in places, but the songs aren’t really as gripping and the production is patchy at times. Still worth a listen though!

They’ve been back in the studio recently according to their website, so hopefully we’ll have another album to look forward to soon. I love the country-punk/shambolic heartland rock route they went down on the three albums before Devil Music so I’d be well up for another one in the same vein, though the most exciting thing about The Men is that you never know what they’re going to do next.





about half of this week’s albums were investigating whether or not i could be bothered to go to Reading. I can.


A couple of new discoveries this week with those Tracy Bryant, Froth, Peals and Tommy Allen albums. Also @Icarus-Smicarus & @mouth_breather have you guys heard of B-Boys? Their album Dada reminded me of Ought & Parquet Courts quite a bit and thought you guys might like it!


No hadn’t heard of them but will definitely check them out if they sound like ought