Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Definitely worth a spin! They came to my attention through Spotify and their record instantly clicked for me!


Really enjoying the Girl Ray album a hell of a lot more than I thought I would.


I don’t even so I can’t do all that fancy shit up there ^ but I have been absolutely rinsing this this week.


Anyone familiar enough with them to recommend what else is good?


Always, ALWAYS, Hissing Fauna…


Cheers, I’ve got it on now.


Seconding Shoeboxes shout of Hissing Fauna! Plus you should also give The Sunlandic Twins a try as it’s definitely another high point in their catalogue!



haven’t heard of them but sounds like they’re worth looking up!


Not really feeling the new Fall album currently. New Giant Sand is very good though


Bonus edition, which I'd hoped would ahve all the Glen Campbell I listened to, but I guess ten track albums didn't make the cut



Disappointed that Last.FM doesn’t know the artwork for that 60ft Dolls album. Had a bit of a 90s alt-rock festival whilst working from home on Friday.


Sheer Mag became my new musical obsession this week. Compliation and Need to Feel you Love are full of infectious, head shaking bangers! Gutted that I just missed them tour. I finally got round to giving Salutations a listen and whilst I find the Ruminations far superior, I still got a lot of enjoyment out of the reworked versions. The latest albums from Oneohtrix Point Never and The Cribs are pretty great too.


Still think Beyonce by Beyonce is ridiculously overrated. It feels like a lot of the songs put vocal effects and modulations for experimentation’s sake to add some credibility to the album. XO is still an incredible song though (with a couple others to boot)

Desmond Dekker & The Aces - 007 Shanty Town is just hit after hit huh? Great album


Not on lastfm.

Kamikaze Girls- Seafoam
Decapitated- Anticult
Made Out Of Babies- Coward
Cult of Luna/Julie Christmas- Mariner


Good call, enjoying this a lot. Parquet Courts comparison is spot on. Hearing a fair bit of early Wire in there too and one track reminds me of Eagulls debut. All good things


Yeah apparently they toured with PC earlier this year too so I guess that makes sense! I could hear the influence of Pink Flag too along with hints of Gang of Fours first two LPs.

I never really gave Eagulls much of listen. They any good? I imagine I probably will if you’re including them in same bracket.


Really liked Eagulls debut but the second didn’t click with me at all. The debut is much more rough around the edges and has an immediacy to it the follow up is lacking. Better songs for my money as well


Cool cool, I’ll give them a spin at some point and let you know my thoughts. Weirdly I think it might have been their band name that put me off them in the first place…


After doing absolutely nothing for me at first, that Timber Timbre album has massively grown on me over the past couple months. Might even be their strongest album after Hot Dreams?

Hadn’t listened to Thunder, Lightning, Strike in a while, but it’s even more infectious than I remember it. What a record.