Post your most listened to albums of the last week



I had the idea once of calling a band Seagles so I was pretty annoyed when Eagulls came along.

Some good stuff on the first EP and LP though I never really got into the second either. Might give it another go soon.


I’d say there’s still an opportunity for Steven Seagull.


Seagles is an infinitely better name than Eagulls imho mainly because (to the best of my knowledge) there hasn’t been another band called the The Seagulls. It’s that whole riffing on an already existing musical projects name (Ringo Deathstarr, Joanna Gruesome, Elvis Depressedly etc) that kinda irks me.


Thunder Lightning Strike often feels like a forgotten classic, pure euphoria.


Yeah this ^! It never fails to put me in a good mood! Pure joy from start to finish. The rest of their discography is pretty great too.



yeah, not shit but pretty average by and large, no real standout classics. most reviews seem to be of a similar nature but been surprised by a couple of surprisingly positive ones i’ve seen.



Yeah, I’m a bit conflicted about the Fall as an ongoing band these days. I’m pleased that he’s still going, but that gargling sound he makes now turns my stomach and it feels a bit like he just rocks up and spits it out over whatever arrangement the rest of the band put together.


Quick thoughts:
TLC - Fanmail has aged quite poorly hasn’t it? Can quite happily revisit CrazySexyCool but despite a few highlights this one is quite a slog.

Peloton is one of the greatest 90s indie rock albums no one talks about

Trentemoller - Lost is significantly weaker than Into the Great Yonder & The Last Resort. Feels like the volume of guest vocalists really handicapp the album

Lycanthropy is still great


Mostly 2017 albums you should all check out


Thought there was some genuinely great stuff on the last album, and a couple of classics on Re-Mit in among the filler. The new one more than ever feels like the band’s album that he just turned up to shout over without really bothering to write anything in advance. The title track and Fol de Rol are pretty decent but would both benefit from him trying a bit harder


thoughts on new GBV?


again half of this is pre-listening for Reading Festival. it seems I’ve got into Everything Everything at the right time. Love the new Brand New, obviously, just don’t want to tire it out.



A lot of plays for Salutations and Capacity (still completely head over heels in love with this album!) in anticipation for seeing them both at Shepherds Bush last Friday. The new Grizzly Bear is sublime and the latest from KG&TWL has quickly become my favourite 2017 release of theirs. Gave Kill for Love a spin for the first time in ages after being reminded of them after their recent appearances in Twin Peaks - it’s still great!

Didn’t get round to listening to Science Fiction yet as I really want to sit aside some time to really immerse myself in it. I think I’ll probably go on a Brand New binge this week.



Been enjoying it. Haven’t covered enough of their stuff to make any proper comparisons but I definitely prefer it to last year’s one, Please Be Honest (haven’t listened to the other one released earlier this year). Certain tracks sound a lot more conventional than what I’ve heard previous… in a good way


yeah Please Be Honest wasn’t great, basically a sub-par Pollard solo album packaged as GBV. the one earlier this year is similar to the new one, but with a bit too long and with a few sung by other band members (the drummer’s ones are surprisingly good)

think the new one is a bit frontloaded but generally pretty strong, best since Motivational Jumpsuit or English Little League at least