Post your most listened to albums of the last week





New Giant Sand?


Instantly clicked with the new Liars and Oh Sees records. Looking forward to hearing new material from Baxter Dury soon (It’s a Pleasure is still ace from start to finish). Still haven’t haven’t gotten round to listening to Science Fiction…


Hmm, Spotify have Provisions listed as a 2017 release, but I see now it was actually out in 2008. Reissue maybe?

I haven’t followed the band that closely to be honest, but heard this record and thought it sounded good.


Yep, I’m a big fan of Howe Gelb / Giant Sand, so was hoping for something new I hadn’t heard about yet (but expecting something else, as was the case). Ah well. I’ll just be patient a bit longer then.

Love Giant Sand’s ‘proVISIONS’, probably my most returned to album of theirs. If you like that try Howe Gelb’s ‘The Coincidentalist’; again probably my most returned to album of his.

Also digging your Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy vibe … I’m probably more an ‘I See a Darkness’ kind of chap though than Master and Everyone/Beware. But it’s all good, man.


Ah, sorry for getting your hopes up unduly!

Thanks for the Giant Sand recommendations - I’ve always struggled with an entry point with them as the discography is quite sprawling. I’ll check them out - I liked the expansive, but rootsy feel of proVISIONS when I listened recently.

The only record I physically own is 'Sno Angel, which I do really like. I saw him on the tour of that record too with the gospel choir which was cool.

I came to him through liking a bunch of his collaborators - Neko Case, Rainer and with Calexico being my favourite band.

I generally think it’s all pretty good with Bonnie Prince Billy. I See A Darkness was the first record of his I heard as a teenager and it completely blew me away. Just picked up the Will Oldham on Bonnie Prince Billy book recently, so I think i’m going to be listening to a lot of him over the next few weeks.



expanded edition as i seem to have listened to a lot this week



Which on is bottom right, again?


That’s Widowspeak’s new album if I am not mistaken, Expect the Best. One of my albums of the month for August. If you like Mazzy Star, you might like this …


The scary black and white face? If it is it looks almost exactly like one from a few years ago.


Ah, no. Isn’t that bottom left? I guess it depends on your perspective.

Sorry, anyway, can’t id that one I am afraid. Over to you mouth_breather.


Ah, got it: Chelsea Wolfe, Apokalypsis. She has a new one coming out later this month.


Erm unless your perspective is from behind a see through screen right is on the right.

Also maybe you don’t understand how the forum works but top right of a post is a link back to the post it’s a reply to and you’ll see my post is a reply to @Icarus-Smicarus


Perhaps I am just having a bad day? Perhaps next time I will think twice before offering a helping hand then? So, that’ll be Slaughterhouse by the Ty Segall Band. You’re welcome. Enjoy your Sunday.


Sorry for upsetting you just it was a very confusing back and forth and I couldn’t work out why you were coming back with so many odd responses.

Cheers for noting the record. I bought that one so that explains it.


Nah, no worries at all. I was just confusing myself, whilst trying to multitask Lesson learned.:slightly_smiling_face:


Me too as I was looking after a child and making pancakes. Sorry.