Post your most listened to albums of the last week








What’s the one with all the strawberries and teeth?


Was just listening to, and having a fantastic time with, Lose this morning. Definitely their best album.


Without a doubt!


Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffin. One of their best!


That’ll be why I don’t recognise it… limited catalogue on Deezer until recently


yeah, this was the first one i listened to, back when it came out in 2013, but then it disappeared from Spotify after a while and none of the new stuff came on until recently, presumably the same with Deezer then. i’ve been absolutely rinsing them since the Spotify catalogue was updated.


though ironically i’ve ended up buying a couple of the albums after like 2 plays. should have youtubed them when they came out and saved time.


Guess I know who I’m listening to for the rest of the day then


have you listened to Mutilator Defeated At Last? easily my favourite


No, until today I’d only listened to Master’s Bedroom, Putrifiers II and A Weird Exits. I’ll be checking out the others through the week


Dr1ve Thru Sex


A Weird Exits is another favourite. I listened to Putrifiers II at one point when it was the most recent one left on Spotify, couple of great songs on there but I don’t remember the rest jumping out at me so much, due a relisten I think (annoyingly Carrion Crawler was also on Spotify the whole time and is fucking great but only bothered to listen to it a couple of weeks ago, should have checked that one out far sooner)

haven’t listened to Master’s Bedroom aside from Block of Ice. what i’ve heard of those pre-Carrion Crawler albums has sounded pretty decent but not on the same level as they’ve been since, feels like they stepped up a gear when they brought more krautrock into the mix.



Beck appears twice because deluxe version (it’s actually all on one disc but I split it into two when i ripped it cos it’s less annoying)

the OK_Computer one is an old Mojo magazine compilation of electronic music.

i know we were talking about the second Eagulls album a few weeks ago here but i ended up getting it on vinyl last week (was only a tenner). i quite like it actually, had only really listened to it once when it came out. none of the aggression of the earlier stuff but a lovely post-punk sound with woozy guitars. admittedly it gets fairly samey though and it’s lacking in big standouts, but it’s pretty decent.