Post your most listened to albums of the last week



The blank one second row from top and far right is Dawnwalker - In Rooms




Dat Slotface album is soo good, hooks everywhere


I have enjoyed it so far, although I’m hoping it sinks its teeth in a bit more. I’ll hopefully be seeing them for the second time in Reading in the space of two months in October, which will be extra fun.


Listened to a lot this week


Listened to The Bronx first 3 last night without the faintest idea their new one was dropping today, spooky (not really)



Don’t have last FM but if I did it would just be those incredible 3 albums by Daughter (especially the second) and a load of naff nu metal



That lower slaughter album is great


tapmusic seems to have moved to




oh tapmusic’s fixed



What did you make of Sketches of Brunswick East in the end?


My favourite albums of September all on heavy rotation along with some more mellow listens.



Extremely disappointed by the new Torres album :frowning: