Post your most listened to albums of the last week




Yeah liked it. Only managed one pass but definitely more likely to return for another than MOTU


Yeah I can understand that especially if you’re into their heavy, more fast paced material! Did you check out the Mild High Club?




No I had never even heard of them before so no idea what they brought to the table. I’m guessing that sort of dreamy laid back jazzy quality… which is probably the aspect I enjoyed most about Sketches on first listen

EDIT: A quick google would suggest they are actually a him



I think if you’re into Mac DeMarco’s recent material or Homeshake then I think Mild High Club might tickle your earbuds! In fact as you’re a fan of Ariel Pink, I think you’ll definitely find stuff to appreciate!


Not really listened to any Mac DeMarco but I feel you with the Ariel Pink reference. Listened to some of Sketches this morning and was thinking AP’s latest has a similar vibe


Kinda dismissed Colors on Friday but ended up dancing round the flat to it for most of the weekend! Can see Masseduction and Lotta Sea Lice getting a lot of rotation over the upcoming weeks. Dan Deacon’s new score is absolutely brilliant too!


The bloody wife was playing showtunes on the Sonos at the weekend. Don’t judge me!




Dark Was the Night :heart:


What did you make of Dedicated to Bobby Jameson in the end Ic-Sm?


dug it out for the first time in years at my parents’ house. gonna give disc 2 a spin this weekend


quite enjoyed it though i sort of had it on in the background while doing other stuff and can’t remember a lot of it, so need to listen again. i recognised one or two others songs aside from Time To Live, presumably from the radio as well


Ah fair enough! Those tracks were probably Another Weekend and Feels Like Heaven, both of which are proper little ear worms too! Really love how anthemic Time to Live is though!


yeah i think it was those.

yeah Time to Live still keeps getting stuck in my head. the similarity to Video Killed The Radio Star doesn’t help!