Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Yeah I can’t disassociate the two at all! There’s always been a familiarity to Pink’s work but this has to be his most blunt / direct rip of another track. He totally makes it his own though.



Henry’s Dream is probably the best Bad Seeds album. Discuss.


Having not listened to Henry’s Dream (or a fair amount of his/their output) my opinion may be fairly dismissed. My faves are Let Love In, Abbatoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus, Tender Prey and Dig Lazarus, Dig!!! Where should I be heading next? I’ve listened to a few others but none really hit me as much as those


those are all very good, and generally very popular choices aside from Dig Lazarus Dig (which i’m a big fan of though). Let Love In and Tender Prey are usually considered the definitive ones I think. Would definitely recommend Henry’s Dream then of course, which came just before Let Love In but is more acoustic-rock (but better than that description sounds) and Your Funeral My Trial, which came just before Tender Prey and has a similar sort of heroin-misery.

Murder Ballads is also very good and in a similar musical vein to Let Love In but with more murder - some people think it strays into self-parody a bit but I find it very entertaining. also got a big soft spot for The Firstborn is Dead, bit more early minimal post-punk-blues, though it does fall off a bit in the second half and isn’t quite as developed as Your Funeral onwards.

if you’re interested in checking out his slower/quieter stuff i’d recommend No More Shall We Part (more interesting than The Boatman’s Call which i find quite boring tbh. NMSWP is pretty long and gets a bit boring at times too but some of it is stunning) and Push The Sky Away, which again i find a bit more interesting and developed than the newer Skeleton Tree, although the latter packs a big emotional gut-punch of course.


It shouldn’t be torture really. I mean with more ‘distance’ I think it gets easier but I definitely can’t listen to stuff as we presented, I get different tracks coming back to me.

The scariest thing about listening to my own stuff is the knowledge that I probably can’t play more than 50% of the guitar parts I wrote.


Went on massive Nick Cave binge a few years ago and I probably glossed over some of the albums (latched on to the instant ones), will definitely go back to some of these soon and see if any others stick this time round





The two blanks are Out Lines (pulling through as Outlie :+1:) and the songs attributed to Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts as opposed to just Daniele Luppi. LastFM doesn’t like these anomalies apparently



That JAWS album is great. Track one is very Pictures of You by The Cure… with added beefy power chords


It’s been growing on me a lot. I won the Milkshake EP on here years ago, but forgot about them, then noticed they’re playing in town in a fortnight, so figured I’d see if it would be worth going to see them. It turns out it would. The problem is I’m seeing Brand New the next night (incidentally, the last track on that Jaws album reminds me of 3 BN tracks: the guitars from Jesus, The way the singer says “The quiet things…” and the bass from Noro), and will be just back from a few days in Gdansk. Should probably support the local gig scene though… (and ask them if they like Brand New!!)


Do it


Yeah, I think I probably will. Plus with it being a Friday, it has the added bonus of finishing earlier.


The blank square is Out Lines, which is all fudged up on Last FM.



The new Radiator Hospital hasn’t quite clicked for me in the same way the last 2 did, but I’ll keep giving it a go. That Faye Webster is a nice easy listen without being amazing or anything.


Bad Moon Rising is a good album for Halloween isn’t it?