Post your most listened to albums of the last week





Plays are being double counted for some reason, think cos I’ve got Spotify scribbling as well as Scroball app?



Lastfm struggling with the more obscure releases again. The blank is JOHN - Godspeed In The National Limit

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the blank at number 2 is Lost Horizons - Ojalá


Inches :heart:

What’s the album on the bottom row third in from the left? Cool cover!



Totally new band to me - will check them out! Cheers


Started reading The Big Midweek hence all The Fall plays. Only just got round to listening to Relatives in Descent, it’s bloody ace!


great book. i still need to read Brix’s


Aye it’s a fantastic read and whizzing through it quite quickly! Actually just got to the part where Brix has joined the band. Was a bit gutted that there wasn’t more details about the recording of Hex though…

The Rise, The Fall and The Rise is on my reading list too.




Those 2 Aidan Moffat LPs are superb


only just got round to picking up The Most Important Place in the World last week when i found it in a sale, had listened to it when it came out but forgot about it. it’s very good but doesn’t quite match Everything’s Getting Older, for me.

enjoying the Where You’re Meant To Be outtakes


Heavily influenced by some great recommendations in a few of this weeks threads


Ah, didn’t realise there were out takes. I’ll need to check that out.