Post your most listened to albums of the last week



The new godflesh - post self is amazing.



it’s Name Your Price on bandcamp:


New discoveries in the Flat Worms and Damaged Bug albums.


have only listened to this year’s Damaged Bug album, was decent but not quite as good as i was hoping for from Dwyer. must check out that previous one as well though.

the Flat Worms album is very enjoyable though


I did wonder if either you or @mouth_breather had checked out this project! This is the first one out of the three that I’ve listened to (partially chose this one because of the artwork) and it mostly reminded me of Silver Apples. It’s just fascinating to hear Dwyer’s take on genre’s. I doubt I’ll return to these as much as Oh Sees records but still worth investigating nevertheless.

The hypnotic but slow beat running through this track is great!

Really cool debut from Flat Worms aye! Need to see if their playing live anywhere nearby soon…


they’re playing at these two shows which i’m very much hoping to travel over for (not sure which one)


What an awesome line up!! I guess because the London show is on a Friday, you could make it a proper weekend of it? Not sure which offers the cheaper flights to and from Dublin though…? I’ve not been to a show at the Albert Hall and only seen AnCo at Troy previously…


will be flying from Belfast and don’t think there’s usually much price difference between Manchester and London, London will probably be more expensive all round I’d imagine though, being less walkable… Friday is convenient for that reason yeah, though my friend in London didn’t seem that interested in the suggestion. my Leeds friend said she’s up for coming to the Manchester one but it’s not really set in stone. Might just get a ticket for Manc and book myself a hostel nearby or something.


Ah sorry, I couldn’t remember where you were based! I’d go for the Manchester show then, it’s a great city and definitely much cheaper for sure!

Do you reckon these shows might start slightly earlier so all the bands on the line-up get a decent set each?


hopefully yeah! should be pretty fun anyway


Yeah deffo! Castlemania is probably still one of favourites from their earlier records.



This is a stunner - got to be in with a shout for compilation of the year for me:



Have you listened to any other USA Nails albums? If not, I highly recommend their second album No Pleasure


yeah i’ve listened to that second album a couple of times in the past and downloaded that 2014 live album the other week. i meant to buy one of the albums when Smalltown America had a sale on a few months ago but completely forgot.

so far i’ve found them to be the sort of band where i like their sound a lot but can’t ever remember any individual songs. might need to spend more time with them


Oh yeah. I’d forgotten it was you that posting the link to the live album in the end of year recs thread (duh!). They’re definitely worth some time


yeah quite liked the new one particularly so i’ll be giving it some more spins.

the singer annoys me a bit on the FOTL live album when he comes on for a guest appearance and starts rambling pointless shite but i’m sure they’re a great bunch of lads really.