Post your most listened to albums of the last week



oh you got that Shopping record already too huh, what you think?


aye, reviewing it. have only listened to it once so far so just realising it shouldn’t be as high up as that. must be a couple of duplicate scrobbles in there from my phone being a twat.

it’s a while since i’ve listened to the previous albums, they’re far from a groundbreaking band and this seems like basically more of the same, but as a fan of post-punk stuff that’s fine by me tbh. seems fun so far, The Hype especially. i’ll give it some more plays this week.


yeah, pretty much agree with all of that. I felt initially a bit disappointed there wasn’t an ‘In Other Words’ level banger but actually, but this new one is growing on me now


It’s been a funky week


My whole week has pretty much been taken up by making 6 or 7 Best Ofs… and The Physics House Band


Not long until Kendrick’s UK shows!

Otherwise mostly been catching up on stuff I missed last year… The Julien Baker album is wonderful, thanks to all that recommended it on here. St Vincent and Protomartyr yet to click really but need to give them a bit more time.


I have pretty well lubricated gears, so it takes a lot to cause them to grind, like right now, I’m so ruddy furious - different editions scrobbling as separate releases - GRRRRRR!RAGE!FURY! it happened last year too, ruining, what was otherwise not a bad year. Having listened to the Kelly Lee Owen’s album a fair bit in the spring, then the special edition version in the autumn. i despair!



Some recent Cribs rotation in preparation for seeing them tomorrow. That Brian Eno & Tom Rogers on collaboration is sublime!


*Rogerson (damn autocorrect!!)





@ericV represents



Congrats on listening to music with such complementary album artwork


Congrats on listening to music with no artwork :smiley:


Hey that’s on Last.FM having a really shit API :wink:



if artwork is missing i just add it myself