Post your most listened to albums of the last week



oh and Brix’s album is on Spotify here:

the band also features Steve and Paul Hanley (though Paul was missing when i saw them as he was working or something), the Fall Heads Roll bassist on guitar and one non-Fall member. live they tend to do a lot of the old songs that they were involved in writing plus some new ones, obviously Brix can’t match MES’ delivery but it’s cool hearing the old musicians play those songs again (also riled MES up a great deal apparently!). was surprised they chucked a couple of old songs on the album as it feels unnecessary but pleasantly surprised by the quality of the new stuff.

PS sorry that last post is so ridiculously long :smiley:


Well I think the line up you saw would have probably been one of the longest running ones in the last couple of decades so that would explain the tight knit consistency? The band would surely have been all too aware of his notorious stage antics and may have learned to deal with them the best they could. But yeah as an audience you’d have to gamble on how MES’s was going to be on the night. I’ve not seen Dylan either but you’re probably on the money with how hit or miss he’s gonna be. I’m quite a fan of how both artists vocals developed in their later years though; really making use of the best of what they are left with or so to speak!

I very much agree with this ^ and apply it whenever seeing legendary acts.

An absolutely mesmerising performance! They really lock into that hypnotic feedback drenched groove, don’t they? Mark’s vocals are filled with that signature venom too! Such a great, great track and definitely ranks amongst my favourites from their catalogue. I adore the performance they did of this on Jools Holland

Cheers for the Part Two link - will check it out!

Also nae bother - enjoyed reading your insights! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just heard that Whitney album from a few years back - really like it. Also that Vince Staples album still sounds great - I like it a lot more than his effort from last year.


aye i’ve never seen Dylan either, half feel like i should while he’s still around even though i know i won’t enjoy it. have watched videos of my favourite Dylan songs played on recent tours and they all sound shite, and i’ve never gotten into the more recent albums (Together Through Life wasn’t too bad actually, but I could only make it through a couple of songs of Modern Times and this whole Sinatra covering thing lately doesn’t interest me much). think he played Dublin last year but have sort of agreed with myself that i might go if he ever does Belfast again but i’m not gonna bother travelling for him


managed to listen to some other bands this week

the Can comp is interesting in how it goes from so great in the first half to proper shit at the end


What’s the album with the demon hand on the toy phone? Love that cover!


Thee Oh Sees - Castlemania

First time checking that one out, one of their less exciting ones for me but still decent


Weirdly I’ve probably listened to Christmas In The Heart more than most of his last decades worth of material (stick it out at least once every year becuase it genuinely does put me in a merry mood!) although I remember Tempest having some really decent tracks in Tin Angel, Pay In Blood and Roll On John. Modern Times & Together Through Life I’ve pretty much neglected. If I’m hankering for latter day Dylan I’ll probably stick on Time Out of Mind or Love & Theft.

Yeah I don’t know about seeing him though I do recall reading good reports from recent tours in the rolling thread…


Always loved this cover of that album! Like what I-S said; it’s a decent record but not as evolved as their current sound…


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actually yeah Christmas in the Heart would be my most played late Dylan record as well, purely cos i’m a sucker for Christmas music by artists i like. never got round to checking out Tempest properly, only ever listened to Together Through Life like once in full but thought had some nice accordion all over it that sets it apart a bit compared to Modern Times which sounded far too Nashville for my tastes, despite having heard good things about it beforehand. Time out of Mind had some decent stuff on it from memory yeah, have never listened to Love & Theft.

i think really i’m a huge fan of 60s Dylan, moderate fan of 70s Dylan and have never really maintained much interest in anything after


Yeah if I’m honest I’m still working my way through some of his catalogue (have mostly avoided the 80’s apart from Oh Mercy and Saved) as with The Fall it can seem a little daunting. Some of favourites from his more celebrated period would John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline, Desire along with the more obvious classics like Freewheelin’, Bringing It All Back Home and Highway. I think because these songs are so embeded with how I know them from hearing the records, I’m not sure how I would react to hearing Bob’s current reinterpretations.

Oh and likewise, I love sourcing out all the Indie crimbo takes on the classics!






Another Fall heavy week (really think Bend Sinister is my favourite record of theirs). Both the Hookworms & Field Music releases are very strong and recieved a lot of spins. Also a new discovery in The VoX LoW album.



we’ve got one of those toys at my mum’s house, in a toybox for the grandkids. get Castlemania vibes every time I see it out



Aha I seem to recall my younger sister having one of these (although not sure if it was a Toy Story one)! Didn’t you dial it and then one of the characters would ‘speak’ to you through the receiver?