Post your most listened to albums of the last week




A week since noticing Deezer didn’t have Code: Selfish… it has appeared

*uses new telepathic powers to conjure all Drag City albums*


Thre’s something slightly familiar about that Daysleepers’ album cover


Ought appreciation week plus the continuation of The Fall binge.


What are the bottom 2 next to Hot Snakes? I like the covers


That’s clams casino’s most recent beat collection (maybe volume.4?) - not as good as some of the others, but does have his tracks from the vince staples album & our very own Eric v’s Dawnwalker album (strongly recommended)


oh my, it’s finally on Spotify! cheers for alerting me!


just finished my quest to revisit every Fall studio album since last month’s news (albeit in a totally random order - would quite like to listen through to the whole catalogue in chronological order at some point but probably not for a while).

i can confirm that Are You Are Missing Winner is still very easily the worst. Reformation’s not too far behind it for me tbh despite making my chart this week - does have 3 or 4 solid tunes (Fall Sound is a banger) and i like the lineup in live vids but most of the songs are shit and the production is dreadful. read a Tim Presley interview a while ago where he said it was quite rushed which definitely shows (he was quite defensive of it though). even Missing Winner has a banger in Crop-Dust though so none are entirely without merit.

Cerebral Caustic on the other hand is better than i remembered and i should listen to it more.

now recommencing a King Gizzard binge as i’m seeing them on Friday. bit excited.


think this leaves Levitate as the only one missing from Spotify now (luckily i downloaded a dodgy mp3 of it a while ago to go with the apparently dodgy vinyl copy i bought for cheaps)

definitely heard Cherry Red were supposed to be reissuing it ages ago now but nothing has appeared apart from a reissue of the Masquerade single for RSD last year. assumed they were waiting for the anniversary but they’ve gone and missed it.

bit of an underrated one imo, satisfyingly odd.


So grateful for your and other folks recommendations on where to start and move forward with them. WHAT A BAND!


Highlights so far, Dragnet, Grotesque, Hex Enduction, Wonderful and Frightening…, Bend Sinister and Extricate


no problem! i relish the opportunity to talk about them at length, tbh. glad you’re enjoying them! when i first started getting into them properly i barely listened to anyone else for months.





Still working my way through their catalogue too but find myself continuously going back to firm favourites like Sinister, Nations and Clutter. But likewise was glad to see that Code : Selfish had appeared on Spotify as I hadn’t previously listened too it before. Currently spending a lot of time with their early nineties records which are certainly their most accessible but no less rewarding than the rest of their albums.

Don’t Call Me Darling was always one of my standout tracks from Cc along with The Joke and Feeling Numb. In fact most of the tracks Brix is credited to (besides the atrocious Bonkers In Phoenix) are ace!


i actually really like Bonkers in Phoenix, despite all the noise! there’s a lovely Brix melody lurking beneath! i tried an alternate version on the expanded edition that tones the noise down and was a bit more enjoyable (but kept the nice pitchshifted vocal effects)

i’d listened to Code:Selfish on youtube once or twice but for the sake of completeness it’s nice to have it on Spotify (even if some of the track tags are a bit fucked). i think it massively tails off towards the end but is fairly strong til then. Two-Face is great.

ironically given that it’s accessible by most standards, early 90s Fall took me a lot longer to get into than other eras tbh as they fit into that very early 90s UK indie sound and production that i’m not a fan of generally and found really dated, but Shift-Work clicked eventually and i went from there.

if i’m honest though i find Extricate quite overrated and it’s one of my least favourite albums of theirs…but i seem to be consistently alone in this. have seen a lot of people regard it as a return to form after not liking Frenz or Kurious Oranj but i’ve always rated those and thought Extricate marked the point where they really lost something for a while. looking at the tracklisting though i do like 6 out of 10 tracks (albeit one of them is a Monks cover) so maybe it’s winning me round track by track. still think Shift-Work is stronger though, and Extricate still feels to me like the turning point where a certain untouchable magic they’d possessed through the 80s has suddenly dried up (for a few years at least).


Well that’s the thing about that era, the band very much seem to be drawing very much so from trends and scenes that were coming out from Manchester at the time rather forging out a sound of their own (in some respects?). Brix leaving the band was definitely a bit of shake up to the status quo but it didn’t produce quite as interesting results. Agreed that I’d much rather stick on either Frenz or Kurious over Extricate because although it has some decent tunes, the album as a whole doesn’t grab me as much as others do; nor does it have quite the same hit ratio as Shift-Work or infotainment Scan.


Listening to Room Inside the World at least once everyday. Gave The Orielles album a couple of spins in preparation for seeing the other day. And started on Car Seat Headrest’s catalogue.

Edit: @Icarus-Smicarus I meant to ask, how were King Gizz the other night?


Mostly this:

And a little bit of this: