Post your most listened to albums of the last week

Disser’s can’t just post on one forum, can they? :grinning:

No but totally agree, good luck too them! It’ll be some proper big boots to fill but if they can find someone, it’ll be a project worth seeking out!

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Has paddez stopped or something?

Aye it’s fucked. This works the same though

Been having a Graham Coxon love in the last few days <3

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On a bit of a Bill Callahan kick this week. …Eagle is such a beautiful album.

No love for The Sky is Too High? I really should listen to more Coxon solo records as I always enjoy what I’ve heard

I mdight not have ever tried that one actually. I bought The Golden D when it came out and saw him at Reading that year and he was great. I live his guitar sound and work but after that only listened to Happiness In Magazines and A+E and even those not for a while. Then noticed this week he was the reason I’d enjoyed the End Of The Fucking World soundtrack, so went off on one with him.

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The Sky is Too High (along with The Spinning Top) show off Coxon’s folkier, more melancholic and gentler side - there probably closer to his work on the EOTFW soundtrack. His finger picking working on the Spinning Top is absolutely fantastic! Never really got round to A+E (didn’t rate the single What’ll It Take when that was released but caught a live set around that time and he was great!) but there’s lots of belters on Happiness and Golden D. Not Heard Crow Sit On Blood Tree, is it any good?

YLT’s Riot is absolutely wonderful, had it playing for every commute this week. Not as much Fall but did listen to a couple of tracks off Totale’s Turn (which had some decent recordings so will certainly be revisiting that) and Ersatz GB (wasn’t really grabbing me at the time but will give it more attention at a later date)

Lowgold? There’s a blast from the distant past. Remember buying the 108 EP off the back of an NME Single Of The Week recommendation. Booked a Coldplay ticket for Shep Bush Empire just to see Lowgold again.

Still sounds like margarine brand though.

Ok, so you were listening to it months ago, but spotted it scanning the thread.

love that Dirty Three album. was starting to get quite into them and then MES died and hoovered up all my listening attention again. i must get back to them.

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That threw me initially as I couldn’t remember hearing any Lowgold recently!

I’m assuming that it must have popped up on a shuffle at some stage last summer, can’t remember the last time I chose to listen to them.

You’re right though, it does sound like a brand of margarine!

Aye it’s brilliant, isn’t it? I’m only really familiar with their first couple of albums and not completely explored their catalogue. Been meaning to check out Cat Power’s Moon Pix which they also feature on.

i gave those other ones a listen this week. they’re all good, although i think i generally prefer it when he uses his electric. CSOBT is perhaps somewhere between the two albums that came before it, again it’s good, but i definitely prefer The Golden D from his earlier work. Perhaps that’s just from knowing it better though…

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