Post your most listened to albums of the last week



i gave those other ones a listen this week. they’re all good, although i think i generally prefer it when he uses his electric. CSOBT is perhaps somewhere between the two albums that came before it, again it’s good, but i definitely prefer The Golden D from his earlier work. Perhaps that’s just from knowing it better though…



pls recommend me some stuff

@Icarus-Smicarus Is the new GBV stuff worth a listen? Not listened to any of the neo-reunion stuff yet
Frenz is also great, only listened to it recently.


the 2016 album was fairly shit (basically Pollard solo), the 2 from last year had some great stuff on them but were both pretty uneven. new one i think is their most consistent of reunion 2.0 and been liking it more which listen. doesn’t match up to my favourites from reunion 1.0 though.

yeah i picked up Frenz in Fopp in Manchester recently so been playing it a lot. one of their weakest 80s albums i’d say but still a lot of fun and i’d put it above most of the 90s ones. Bremen Nacht is so good, could listen to it looped for hours.




Sweet! Will definitely give Crow a whirl if it’s good blend of all his styles. I feel he can flit between electric and acoustic quite seemlessly - not really heard a bad album by him tbh!




Only one Fall record in rotation but pelnty of No Age in the run up to seeing them on the Thursday just been. Also thanks Drag City for finally streaming!





i’ve become like, completely obsessed by Offerings by Typhoon this week. It’s absolutely stunning, every song on it is a mini-masterpiece:


nice bit of Drag City in there. might listen to some Neil Hamburger tonight.


Plenty of Drag City releases in rotation too (although doesn’t seem to like that Ty Segall has two self titled records and is favouring the artwork of the 2008 album)! Also the first week in months where I’ve not listened to an album by The Fall.


Spent most of the week trying to catch up with some of the March releases I hadn’t got round to listening to yet. Been pretty hooked on the Orielles album for the last three days.