Post your most listened to albums of the last week




Saw features films and live performances involving Florist, Nick Cave and The Slits this week so gave a couple of their records a spin. Explored a couple more Drag City albums (Damn For The Recently Found Innocent is so good!). Also @Icarus-Smicarus I finally gave Reformation Post TLC a listen which I’d been putting off after mostly hearing bad things but upon actually giving it a chance, I felt there were some decent tracks on it with Reformation, Fall Sound and the Elena sung The Wright Stuff being the particular standouts for me. There were a couple of other alright tracks but I think most of the record just felt under baked.


aye there’s a couple of great tunes but most of it sounds half baked, plus the production/mixing is quite bad/weird and a lot of the performances sound flat. shame as they seemed like a decent live unit at the time. Presley did say in that interview that they had 2 days to write most of it, which shows a bit. i think i read they’d already been playing tracks like Reformation, Fall Sound and Systematic Abuse live for a bit so makes sense that they’re the clear standouts (i like Elena but always found The Wright Stuff a bit shit tbh). My Door Is Never is quite fun in that Glastonbury set but dull on the album.

also Over Over seems to be basically an uncredited cover of this, which took me by surprise hearing it in a record shop one day:

agreed that For The Recently Found Innocent is a great album!



Yeah I saw that they only spent a couple of days on it so I think that softened my view on it overall. Aha fair about the The Wright Stuff, something about Elena deadpan delivery remind me of Cate Le Bon for some reason :sweat_smile:

Gave Presley’s most recent record The Wink a listen this morning and you won’t be surprised to hear that it didn’t disappoint!


i enjoy her on I’ve Been Duped but not so much that one!

i have The Wink bookmarked but not listened yet, I didn’t know about it until i noticed it in the Drag City playlist. similar to White Fence or a bit different? i was wondering why it’d been such a long time since the last White Fence record


Perhaps he’s dropped the White Fence moniker?

I would say The Wink is closer in sound to the DRINKS record which I guess isn’t too surprising as Cate Le Bon produced it but I think you’ll prefer it to that album…



What are the albums at 2 and 3?


3 is the new A Hawk & A Hacksaw album, Forest Bathing. v good.

2 is the self-titled debut of a great band called Ginnels (though it’s not as strong as their other records). they’re generally somewhere between jangly indie pop and fuzzy GBV stuff.




A lot of Tim Presley related records this week plus the albums by Daniel Avery and Say Sue Me which are both ace for completely different reasons.


Totally gave up on my pursuit of current releases this week and binged on Wavves who are my go to band any time it gets a little bit sunny. Also very inspired by the Sonic Youth thread. Also love Galaxie 500 a lot.



Saturn Outhouse! Nice.


What did you make of Hippo Lite, Ic?


better than the last one i thought (albeit i’ve never revisited that one). it has the feel of listening to an old Swell Maps record or something.

That said, there were still only a couple of tracks I enjoyed as much as their individual stuff (Real Outside is very good). wasn’t enjoying the first track so had concerns at that point but it picked up


Ooo never really given Swell Maps a try so that gives me something new to explore!

But yah definitely, it feels more whole and actualised than Hermits. Think it’s a grower with more to discover with each spin.

Also wanted to ask what the records were on the top right and on the bottom left?


both RSD releases (but both on Spotify now), bottom left is the new Ulrika Spacek EP, Suggestive Listening, which is pretty good, though doesn’t have any real krautrock-y standouts like the albums.

top right is the new Girls Names comp called Primitive Desire, compiling stuff from early EPs from when they were a duo. was kinda surprised they released this as they used to be quite dismissive of their early material, even disowning their first album by the time it came out (tbf they already sounded like a different band live, more the bassy post-punk they do now) but it might drum up some interest ahead of the new album proper. i never really liked their recorded stuff at the time but it’s more up my street now, like a sort of miserable garage surf. maybe they’ve warmed to it too.