Post your most listened to albums of the last week









just realised that the blank cover at number 4 is The Secret Sessions by My Vitriol, which is on Spotify, but clearly Last.FM haven’t managed to negotiate the rights to the album cover yet.





have never got into any of the Rolo Tomassi stuff i’ve heard at all but i’m enjoying all their artwork in this post


Loving that Yaeji right now.


To be fair it’s mainly just “drink i’m sippin on” on repeat.


I prefer raingurl


Their art work is always great

Merch is usually awesome too. I think Eva does some of it herself



Oh man that Swell Maps album is so, so ace @Icarus-Smicarus - cheers!


nice, coincidentally found the second album in a record shop sale at the weekend (see above)


adds album to this weeks queue

Awesome find! Is it as wildly varied and as hard hitting as the first album?


it’s a while since i’ve listened to the first now but i think they’re both fairly similar records yeah. second is similarly varied, maybe less of the first’s more typical punk moments