Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Think i managed to load in everything that didn’t scobble at the weekend. important times, obviously






That Chris Cohen album is something else. Made me want to stick on all the Beatles albums at once



Absolutely obsessed with the new Parquet Courts and John Maus records. Digging the newies from The Jicks and Beach House too but they’ve received no where near the same level of attention as Wide Awake and Addendum have gotten. Also went on a little bit of an Eno binge to celebrate the great man’s 70th birthday last week.


Got all excited when I saw this and thought that there was a new album out :sweat_smile:


Sorreee :face_with_hand_over_mouth: God I’d love a new album too

I’ve only just managed to get round to this today - last week’s releases were nuts!

Oooh and it’s sounding great so far


Haha that’s alright! I mean it’s been two years since As If Apart so hopefully some new material is on its way soon…

I know, right?! Totally spoilt for choice! I instantly clicked with this John Maus record whilst I found Screen Memories needed a couple of spins before I truly came to love it.

But yeah in regards to other releases from last week, I’ve mainly had those three on but did give the latest GAS and Mary Lattimore albums a listen morning, both of which are excellent!


The blank is Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks




largely 6music Biggest Weekend themed listening this week



Both the Raven Throne and the Mesarthim albums are superb.

Another great album from national treasures HMHB!

Pleasantly surprised by the Belly album. What with them, The Breeders and Superchunk all releasing good albums this year it’s like I’m 25 all over again!


The Wooden Shjips and Pusha T records were my favourites picks from last weeks releases. First listen to Josh T Pearson’s Straight Songs which is rather daft but fun in places. Discovered Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Music for Nine Postcards which is quietly beautiful. Also checked out Levitate @Icarus-Smicarus and It’s great especially when things get noisy like on Hurricane Edward. The I’m a Mummy cover is an absolute foot stomper. Love, love, LOVE 4 1/2 Inch - those drumssss!! Big fan of the title track and Everybody But Myself too. The behind of the scenes stories of this album of this album really translate via it’s chaotic and somewhat shambolic sound. Some ace bass work throughout from Hanley too!