Post your most listened to albums of the last week



I’m so confused by the appearance of that Stereophonics album, as far as I know I’ve never listened to it???


At least it’s one (of only two) of theirs that are listenable



fans generally seem to either love or hate Levitate in my experience. given that the band was falling apart and the producers quit leaving MES to produce most of it himself, i’d expected it to be very ropy, but it’s just great. probably the best thing they did in the 90s imo. i’d agree with your standouts there, really love the music on The Quartet of Doc Shanley too despite the very random vocal interjections (“DENTIST! NOVEMBER!”). still need to listen to some of the bonus tracks.

enjoyable less chaotic version of 4 1/2 Inch by the original producers here too, who apparently constructed most of the track by splicing up lots of samples of a Hanley/Wolstencroft jam session (i remember a bit about it in Hanley’s book). think i prefer the album version with all the Mark clones shouting over each other though.



I think the key to this album lies in it’s lo-fi production which has definitely aged better than the majority of their 90’s output. It also points in the direction that they would head towards in the 00’s. I guess it also shows how well MES could perform under pressure and that in a sense he thrived off that chaos.

Aye this version seems to sideline Mark’s vocals somewhat bringing the bass and drums up in the mix. Both are great but ditto I’d take the album version of this with MES’s vocals attacking from all angles!


Most of these albums seem to match the summery weather. I also given YE a fair bit of time and am still trying to wrap my head around it.



The Typhoon album has fully embedded itself this week - just brilliant. Also, digging the new FJM, surprisingly


a lot of Nick (and bit of Patti) listening due to the very ace Dublin gig on Wednesday.

was gutted to have to miss Ty Segall playing there the same night but still ended up picking up a copy of Sleeper in a record shop while i was down there, which i’ve had on repeat ever since.

enjoying the new FJM now that i’ve got round to it, apart from a couple of the slower, duller tracks. he’s finally grown on me recently due to being gifted a copy of Pure Comedy recently and catching most of his Biggest Weekend set. Mr Tillman is a great track.

the Just Mustard album (number 9) is very good no-wavey post-punky shoegazey stuff from Dundalk. caught them live a couple of weeks ago, the guitars were proper Girl Band-esque noise. recommended.





heaven is earth <3


Well excited about the new album


it’s amazing, been listening to it non-stop the last month



Blank is DANCEHALL - The Band which is excellent!