Post your most listened to albums of the last week




Lots and lots of Bad Seeds after seein them in Athens last weekend. Heaven and Earth stole the week though - what a truly otherworldly and special piece of music!



How was Nick?


Oh man, their live show met with all my expectations! Having seen Distant Sky a couple of months back I knew we were in for a treat. Managed to get fairly close to the barrier and was at one point only a couple of feet away from Nick when he was wandering through the crowd. I’ve been browsing over setlist’s since and they’ve mostly been leaning towards Skeleton Tree and Let Love In material but we also got Tupelo, The Ship Song & Mercy Seat which were all incredibly intense and powerful.
The fest was a bit of shambles mind, after there was a bit of freak thunderstorm followed by an hour of torrential rain leaving the crowds racing for what little shelter there was (many people left the site and weren’t allowed to get back in). All the lights went out and no announcements were made to say what was going on but eventually things got sorted leaving the Editors to play a shortened set. Felt bad for the crowds further back though as the screens weren’t switched on for the Seeds set. Saw complaints on FB that the sound wasn’t too great either but it didn’t spoil things for me.

What were your highlights from the Dublin show?


ah we didn’t get Tupelo, I saw he’s reintroduced it to the set post-Dublin, the bastard (it’s such a staple though that i can imagine seeing him do it another time, so not too bothered). i see he’s been doing City of Refuge recently which would be pretty great. we got a nice rarity of Come Into My Sleep though (“for the 8 people who’ve heard it”) which was v good.

From Her to Eternity was a standout for me, along with Loverman (didn’t realise until checking later that until this year they hadn’t played Loverman since 1999, absolutely mental). there were also some great vocal ad-libs in Red Right Hand directed at members of the audience near him. think it all peaked towards the end though, going out into the crowd during The Weeping Song, followed by a massive Stagger Lee with loads of fans onstage and then Push the Sky Away finishing it off like some kind of religious ceremony. been watching a great video of that from the Dublin show repeatedly! i sort of partly wished i hadn’t seen Distant Sky just so that i wouldn’t have known all that was likely to be coming!

was kind of weird seeing him in daylight on a proper sunny day (as he commented on himself), though Patti Smith’s set suited the sun very well. wasn’t sure what she’d be like live these days but was pretty impressed.


Oooo City of Refuge would have been MINT but I would have been unfamiliar with Come Into My Sleep having never gotten round to the B-Sides & Rarities album. From Her To Eternity was HUGE and probably got one of the biggest reactions of the night from the crowd - they went absolutely wild. Stagger Lee and Push The Sky Away ended the main set too though Nick informed us that due to a fan falling off a stage two nights previously, he wasn’t allowed to bring people up onstage. An encore of The Mercy Seat and Rings of Saturn made up for this though. I can imagine that it was odd seeing them in the sunshine, the weather our end only added to the atmosphere.

Yeah I had mixed feelings on Distant Sky upon seeing it knowing that I was catching him live later on in the year but with the slightly different setlist and the drama with the thunderstorm, I still came away thinking it was excellent. It just made me wonder why they released Distant Sky when they did considering they were still touring…


i haven’t listened to much on the B-sides album either but i had just checked that song out a few months ago as i noticed it’s on the expanded version of the Lovely Creatures best-of tracklisting (I knew they were playing it again though tbh as although I avoided looking properly at setlists before the gig i did check one and scroll immediately down to the ‘Songs from albums’ section to get a vague overview, and then just had to check what b-side they were playing)

ha wow, didn’t know someone fell off the stage and he couldn’t bring people up anymore. i did wonder how he was managing to do encores at the more recent shows and whether the fans stuck around for it or what. don’t think they could have topped the PTSA ending in Dublin with an encore stuck on really (although Rings of Saturn would have been nice to hear - seems like they didn’t play it much last year, don’t think it was in Distant Sky?)

i looked up some of last year’s setlists after seeing Distant Sky and it looks like he was playing that same set for the majority of the tour so i guess this year’s shows are a bit different and more festival-based anyway, so i guess it feels like a different thing.

i love this Dublin video and the awkwardness of the beardy lad, i’d be exactly the same if i ended up onstage (i stayed a bit further back by choice)


oh also some guy that turned up beside me halfway through the set was absolutely off his face, kept fist-pumping and beating his chest really hard during Distant Sky of all songs. nearly got into fights with a few people around and people started moving until there was an absolutely huge space around him. he spent the last few songs just lying on the ground. so weird!



special expanded 16xLP deluxe edition


I’ve now given Come Into My Sleep a couple of listens and that intro is almost jazzy, isn’t it? Some lush organ work drives it along nicely too! Will have investigate further a bit further into their b-sides to see what gems there are to discover.

I get what you mean about have a sneak at setlists (usually something I do after shows, to see whether it was a typical set on that tour etc) but I was a tad apprehensive that they might play an almost be beat by beat same set that we saw in Distant Sky but was more than happy to go with the flow either way. Like I said it didn’t dampen the experience and the other additions to the set were very welcome.

Yeah Nick mentioned about someone falling but didn’t really clarify but it might have also been because of the weather conditions had also made the stage unsafe so they might still be bring people up. Not sure. I mean he came into the crowd instead and tried to get everyone to sit down during Stagger Lee then brought maybe three or four people to serenade during PTSA again to awkward effect a la the clip you’ve posted below. Just had a check and nope they didn’t play Rings of Saturn at the Copenhagen show. Nick instructed the crowd to mimic Warren’s ‘Ahhh ooo ooo’ backing vocals.

Didn’t experience too many weirdos at this fest though I will say that I thoroughly surprised by the popularity of the Editors in Greece, people were going absolutely mental over their set, like singing along to every single word which is more than what they did for the Bad Seeds!





Dedicated to Bobby Jameson :heart:




Spent quite a bit of time this week with the new Dirty Projectors which is absolutely brilliant. Checked out a couple of records from the DiS Electronic etc etc listening group. Then ended the week with a good bit of nostalgia in those Death Cab and Les Savy Fav albums.


Still ace isn’t it? Gets a lot of regular plays over here for sure!