Post your most listened to albums of the last week



What’s that PiL record like? I remember being a bit put off by the single and CHRIST that artwork is quite the eyesore…


yeah the single was dreadful and put me off for a long time but i always noticed the reviews were decent enough. only just got round to listening to it, turns out the single is easily the worst song on there but a lot of the album is fairly decent really.


this week, I’ave mostly been listening to: post-punk


Also been listening to Joe Cardamone’s Holy War Collection on youtube a lot - boy can do no wrong imo


Ah fair! Honestly haven’t given any of their post reform material much of a chance after hearing that lollipop opera song plus also having gone off Lydon a bit after reading his Partridge-esque autobiography…


The first reunion album was actually the first PiL album I listened to. Really liked it at the time but having gotten into the first 2 albums since, it doesn’t really hold up in comparison. Again some decent enough tracks on it though.


Oh yeah I mean Public Image and Metal Box tower above everything else in their discography for sure but Flowers of Romance and This is What You Want, This is What You Get are both brilliant too. They could never quite replicate that raw intensity again though…

I’ll have to give the post reform albums a proper chance though!


i’ve only had a proper listen to the first 2 and last 2 so far but a couple of the albums in between (Flowers of Romance in particular) are on my list as i’m seeing 'em next month


Should be a good show buddy! Saw them in 09 at one of the first reformation shows and despite the occasional cringe Lydon moment, the band were incredibly tight!


yeah should be decent. cross another of the classic post-punk bands off the gig list before they’re all dead.



I found this new artist named Drewmat who came up on my discover weekly on spotify he’s only got a few thousand listens on his songs but I’ve been jamming to his stuff all week he’s got a really interesting hip hop/ electronic sound. I feel like this guy is going to be famous some day let me know if im crazy for it



Week spent obsessing over the new Ty Fence collab, discovering the brilliant emo-ish Wild Pink (kinda reminds me of early Death Cab) and for whenever I needed a calm moment; sticking on Mary Lattimore’s lush Hundreds of Days.


The blank is the excellent Moons of Jupiter by our very own Colin Mawson. Shame the art work doesn’t pull through as it’s rather good. Had forgotten how great all three RTJ albums were… same goes for the Joey Bada$$ album


Moons of Jupiter is absolutely wonderful! Can also feel a Fucked Up binge coming on what with all the new album hype…