Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Plenty of new discoveries this week through listening to those Bodega, Mattiel, Flasher, GOGGS (can’t believe I hadn’t given this Ty project a listen before!) and Digable Planets records. And gave For Screening Purposes Only a revisit after this weeks sad news, it’s still great.


I know the logo from somewhere but didn’t know it was him until this week. Worth checking out I presume?



Oh aye for sure! It’s like the sludgier, shouty cousin of Slaughterhouse. Ty is only really on the drums and guitar with the occasional backing vocal. It’s a loud twenty five minute burst of rage!

Their Iggy cover is worth checking out too:




Still hooked on that Wild Pink debut and had never heard that Can album before, boy oh boy is it great!


mentioned it in the Low thread but listened to The Great Destroyer for the first time and it’s great. bemused that it seems to get a mixed response.

that Malcolm Middleton live album is great too, there’s a couple of on his bandcamp but this is the pick of them imo


After all the REM chat, have decided to go through the whole back catalogue chronologically. All absolute slammers so far




I listened to that Foxing album quite a lot. probably the first time I’ve listened to an album 3 times in a day in 12 months.

a lot of the other stuff, like N.E.R.D and Stray from the Path and Petrol Girls an Milk Teeth and Dua Lipa is prep for Reading Festival


Mainly lots and lots of Bowie and Thee Oh Sees.