Post your most listened to albums of the last week



i haven’t, i must seek it out.

yeah i’d dipped into the first 2 previously but it wasn’t until Requiem came out that i got hooked on them (within seconds of the first song starting up properly i knew i was going to love it). i normally prefer short albums to long albums but i think the variety of Requiem probably makes it more engaging.

and yeah i think haemorrhaged users and contributors during that period particularly. used to be a great place for gig listings and now hardly anyone bothers to update them.


first time listening to The Blind Shake this morning. outstanding.




What do you make of Thank You For Today Captainricebox?


it’s fine. There’s some nice moments on there, but it seems very safe, even for a reasonably safe band like them. I’m probably in a minority of those who think Kintsugi was one of their best albums and it’s certainly a step down from that for me. Still looking forward to seeing them again in Feb, though. they have a great live sound. what are your thoughts?



Been listening to REM chronologically inspired by the other thread and keep getting stuck on Reckoning because, well


Safe is a fair summary tbh. They don’t seem to be pushing any boundaries or jumping out of their comfort zone. There’s a couple of decent tracks in I Dreamt We Spoke, Gold Rush and 60 & Punk but it mostly just ambles along pleasantly. Kintsugi was far superior to Codes & Keys but couldn’t match the flow and diversity of Narrow Stairs (which is for my money their best record since Transatlanticism). You got any favourite tracks of the new one?



Due to bandcamp and listening to physical stuff I don’t seem to scrobble as much as I used to, as evidenced by the fact that the Biffy and Opeth albums are there because a single track from each came up on shuffle this weekend!.

The best album I’ve heard this year is actually not from this year, rather obsessed with the Caladan Brood album from 2013 (middle left).


Two of my main listening methods as well but I’ll later silently play them on my computer or Spotify (if they’re on there) to get em scrobbled, like a big sad bastard.


I Dreamt We Spoke is pretty good. Summer Years reminds me of the from the basement version of Weird Fishes, although I’m not sure how much i like it beyond that. I’m pretty sure I’d prefer Gold Rush, if they didn’t keep saying gold rush throughout the song. Autumn Love cracks me up, ever since i started imagining Father Santa Xmas Claus singing the. i feel like i keep forgetting I’m listening then until 60 and Punk, which is decent, if glum. I probably need to Narrow Stairs more than I have done.


I used to do this with tunes I played on my mp3 player on the school bus :heart_eyes:


Ha yeah it does grate slightly and I’ve just realised that it has also been tailor made to be used on sporting ads come the end of a season! I also hate the effects that are used on Gibbard’s vocals throughout the record, it’s like they’ve been slightly autotuned perhaps? 60 & Punk feels like it could have been on Plans and is a genuine highlight for me.

Narrow Stairs is definitely one of their moodiest and angriest efforts with the whole band in great form; really attacking their instruments. Really rate it and would love to see them make something more in that vein again.


Lots of plays for Metz after catching them live earlier in the week. Still got a Fall record in rotation. Then all the other records were played during various car journeys to Bath and Bristol.


Saw Michael Stipe on Saturday, seeing Camp Cope tomorrow and Anna Calvi on Wednesday. That explains my listening choices.