Post your most listened to albums of the last week




cheers, bookmarked them to check out, will report back!


I don’t scrobble, so have enjoyed this thread as a lurker. Figured a recently played screenshot from google play would be representative though.


No worries man, hope you like it! Let us know what you think.

Also on a side note, noticed that you’ve been listening to Gumboot Soup a fair bit recently! I’ve not returned to it since it was released. What do you make it of it now the dust has settled on the whole ‘five albums in a year’ hype?


Wasn’t that fussed on Gumboot initially other than a few tracks, I generally prefer them in louder more intense mode and it reminds me more of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and other ‘smoother’ stuff that I’m less into, but HMV have the CD for a fiver in the sale atm so ended up picking it up and it’s definitely been growing on me. Still think the best tracks are better and more intense live though - think they did Greenhouse Heat Death and All is Known when I saw them, and this version of Muddy Water is incredible



The new Marisa Nadler is excellent. What a great run of excellent albums she’s on.


Yes indeed. I need to give the new one a few more listens.


not sure why KKB is so far down, I’ve listened to that twice plus in full and really like it.



How did you find Infinite Games?


I only managed the first 5 tracks before being distracted at work but really enjoyed what I heard. Reminded me of Department M in places. Greg’s voice is great as always, as crystalline as he’s ever been. Could almost see Thrown into Dark as a pop chart botherer. What did you make of it?


Not as good as the first album, but having caned it before seeing them in Bristol tonight, I’ve come to appreciate it. All the elements are there, except for something to bind it all in some way, i think.


Hmmm, tht was a bit of an exhibition of how amazing Fever Daydream was.



Just given those three album tracks a listen then watched the clip and you’re right, the energy / intensity that comes off the live version is much more engaging. The album versions do have quite a drone-y element to them but there’s more of a restrained pace to them and none of them would feel totally out of place of on either Polygondwanaland or FMB, I reckon.


Spent the week revisiting some old classics and pondering over AOTM contenders.


yeah most of it is pretty similar to Polygondwanaland to me, with a couple of microtonal ones thrown in