Post your most listened to albums of the last week





Had a Gillian Welch binge a few weeks back after seeing a bluegrass band in my local… would love some new music from her please.


Went to see them on Monday hence the Rawlings/Welch binge. Just amazing. One of my favorites to see live and Rawlings is the best guitarist in the world ever™ …imho

Such a solid set and you could tell that they are really enjoying themselves on stage. The set ended with 3 covers, which impressive considering the back catalogues both artists have. One of the gigs of the year for me.




Mostly mellow stuff this week to pair up with the autumnal weather creeping in.


largely Okkervil River gig prep


forgot to say i enjoyed the Minami Deutsch album! sounds quite genuinely like it could have come out of Cologne in the 70s


looks like I’ve had issues scobbling on the web version of Spotify.



The album in the middle is another album by Art Tatum whom was the perfect soundtrack to focusing on some work this week. Ab-Soul and Loyle Carner was recommendations from a work colleague, both of which were great. Been watching a fair bit of Fuck That’s Delicious recently and find Action utterly hilarious / endlessly watchable / listenable.