Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Interpol-heavy due to seeing them last Monday



Cheers for the tips with ASIWYFA’s discography! Gangs looks like it will be my next port of call for them then. Will report back once I’ve managed to stop listening to Dose Your Dreams!

Lattimore & Baird’s Ghost Forests is beautiful and drone-y in equal measure; blending together each musicians instrumentation perfectly then when their vocals take centre stage, they soar! Lattimore’s solo album from earlier in the year, Hundreds of Days might be one of my favourites from the year. Just keep coming back to it as it’s so delightfully melancholic.

Freak Train is a right banger! Think he’s included it both times that I’ve seen him. Wouldn’t say that it’s truly representative of that record as a whole but I dig it still. These two tracks are some of my favourites:

Don’t think either would sound particularly out of place on Smoke Ring tbh.


Yeahhhh think Dose Your Dreams is slowly stealing my AOTY spot. Then just been revisiting other highlights from the year also.


Really been enjoying the Chastity album


Enjoying the Melana Zavala and Kadhja Bonet albums, thanks to year-end lists. Hooked on early Chuck Berry again after picking up his posthumous album for a fiver in Fopp.

I bought (checks…) 15 hours of live Springsteen in his Black Friday sale, which is a bit overwhelming.


Fudge Sandwich is actually a really decent example of how to approach a covers album.


Yeah, I was reviewing it and was all ready to say it was gonna be a bit throwaway and inessential conpared to his other stuff this year but was actually really impressed. Enjoyable listening back to back with the originals to see how he’s reinvented them. A couple of big tracks that i didn’t recognise at all from his versions and then heard the original and went “ohhh, I know this!”


Yeah I was thoroughly surprised because as you’ve said some of his takes / interpretations wildy differ from the original. Like I’m a Man is fairly close to the original but then it took me ages to figure it was a version of Lennon’s Isolation. Brilliant stuff! Did you like his cover of Everyone’s a Winner off Freedom’s Goblin?


yeah that was definitely a highlight

i didn’t recognise Low Rider at all


also in ASIWYFA chat last week i forgot to recommend The Letters EP which is a great little bitesized chunk of them from between the first two LPs. still gets a lot of plays from me.



Yeah found myself returning to FG a lot of the year! It’s so all over the place and quite a bit to take in over one sitting.

I should really check out his T-Rex covers record too and see if that’s a ‘winner’ also!


mixed feelings on FG myself, it’s ambitious and accomplished and impressive but so long and i prefer him a bit more stripped back and garagey really


Yeah I definitely wouldn’t call it my favourite by him but I think moving on from this record he’s got a lot of different avenues to go down.



@TAFH33 I found Up In It on Deezer :+1:… it was under “Afghan Whigs” as opposed to “The Afghan Whigs”… only found it as they’d moved Congregation to be under “Afghan Whigs” too. So there’s two albums under one name and the rest under the other - so dumb


That’s really weird, I think Spotify used to have the same problem with Trail of the Dead where half of the albums would be exclusively under …And You Will Know Us. How are you liking it so far?


I’ll get back to you. Only listened to the first few tracks before I got seduced by Black Love


this week: lots of hip hop, slowly getting through low’s discography, and a bit of cajun dance party as i’ve been feeling nostalgic