Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Why on earth hadn’t I listened to Homosapien before - what a great record!



My brother found The Pauses on a spotify playlist and I’ve been listening to their new album ever since. it’s great, in an old Speedy Ortiz/lots of guitar noises/just being really good way.


Caught up with the Neneh Cherry and Tirzah releases, both of which are fantastic. Afternooners by Patrick Cowley has been a cracking electronic discovery too.


raffle prize in at no.3

couple of Christmas albums sneaking in. finally listened to the Moffat/Hubbert one. this is the most wonderfully sinister Christmas song ever

also @Kallgeese that O Emperor album is fantastic. i remember hearing them a bit when they first emerged and was never all that interested but this is a great psych trip, how long have they sounded like this??


Christmas takeover - also nice to see Malcolm Middleton and Aidan Moffat side by side


the majority of these will be in my top albums from this year




Discovered Basement thanks to a track on the DiS Xmas Mix CD swap and have not been able to stop listening to them since!


Not as keen on this year’s one, but the previous one, (Promise Everything?) really grew on me.



Ooo gonna have give that Peter Broderick album a spin!


Revisited a couple of old favourites to start off the year. Finally got round to checking out MGMT’s latest after a friend wouldn’t stop banging on about it; turns out that they were right - it’s bloody ace!


It’s a free bandcamp download!

Don’t know much about Broderick but Brigid Mae Power posted about it as she’s on a track. I think he played on her album as well.

I actually don’t know very much about Arthur Russell either tbh!


Aww ta bud, downloaded and queued up for later on! Can’t admit to having a great knowledge of Broderick’s work either, outside of his songs cropping up on instrumental piano led playlists on Spotify but says that I’ve scrobbled his work 69 (nice) times so maybe I should pay more attention…

Arthur Russell’s work is kinda like melancholic disco with lush cello and spacey electronics. I’ve only really spent time with Calling Out of Context and World Of Echo though but both are brilliant!


Good week of listening back to favourite albums of 2018. Also turned 14 for a moment there apparently



2019 - week one

#1 JPEGMAFIA 20 plays
#25 DAMN. 13 plays

Been doing a thing where I’ve been listening to the top 10 albums of each year since my birth (1988) according to Best Ever Albums. Started it in November. So the past week I’ve listened to 2015 - 2017 and then a top 50 of 2018, so this is pretty much those albums with the most songs on them. For me, that Jack White album is a huge anomaly. Also, discovered Bitches Brew.