Post your most listened to albums of the last week





I’m sure pre-Brexit tension is manifesting itself in many ways- for me it’s in an almost insatiable appetite for the ‘Mac’.
TGTBATQ album is possibly my favourite Albarn since Demon Days
My love for the US Girls album grows weekly.


Lots of Dawnwalker and stuff from the rolling ambient / heavy threads



Lotsa Cate Le Bon in the run up before going to a gig of hers. Saw You Were Never Really Here and Greenwood’s score is pretty terrifying! Discovered Omni who are very much for fans of Parquet Courts / Ought ? Preoccupations so obviously very much up my street indeed.


lovely top row of GBV for obvious reasons

also a bit of Haiku Salut as i saw them doing a live soundtrack to Buster Keaton’s The General last week


Week two

#1. 50 Song Memoir, 50 plays

#25 The Magic Whip 12 plays

I think it was Bowie’s birthday last week, or something.