Post your most listened to albums of the last week




forgot this thread existed
i’m back for more


Ah that’s a shame! What are you not getting on with?


The Hermodr album might be my favourite of 2019 so far.

Listened to Further Down The Spiral for the first time in years, it’s a LOT better than I remember, I’d forgotten how amazing Aphex Twin’s “At The Heart Of It All” is!



let’s face it, Press Club is going to be on here all year




Decent returns from Health and Panda Bear. Also delving back into Conor’s catalogue.


still down a bit of a Pollardhole since getting my London ticket


ah i dunno, just didn’t stick with me at all really. missed the hooks of his warped guitar pop of old.

still haven’t listened to The Wink so maybe it’s got more in common with that


I suppose Larry’s Hawk and The Wink are similar in the sense that they both seem indebted to and influenced by Cate Le Bon’s delicate but spiky rock art stylings. Neither are as hooky as his White Fence work but his warped guitar lines still bubble under the service but in a slower and maybe in a slight more eery way. Larry’s Hawk certainly isn’t an immediate record and it’s definitely more in vein of the DRINKS albums and that last collab with Ty.



The new Pye Corner Audio is great, really enjoying Bob Mould’s new one too. Le Butcherettes didn’t really do it for me on first listen, possibly need to try again.


A welcome return for black squares at 7 and 8