Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Very 1980s this week.


Bit all over the place with this week’s listening habits. Nothing really new. Enjoyed some more of Andrew Hung’s soundtrack work.


yeah i like Cate a lot on her own but can’t really get on with Drinks very much beyond a couple of tracks. did quite like Joy but not as much as Hair, or the best of his older albums



(can confirm Please Be Honest is still shit)


Flat Worms EP is decent. Reminds me a fair bit of reunion era Mission of Burma


big fan of Flat Worms aye. hadn’t thought of the Mission of Burma comparison but i hear it. also make me think a bit of a more laid back Protomartyr


I had a bit of an Aereogramme revival at the weekend.



Can’t believe I’d missed Unwound all these years!


Was obsessed with that Times New Viking album when it came out. Must do a dive through their back catalogue at some point.







AOTM contender in that Traffik Island record. Dug out Spike for the first time in years after reading an article about it the other day; not my favourite Costello record but there’s still some cracking stuff on there.


picked it up cheap a few years ago and still give it an occasional blast but actually never listened to any of their other stuff. any recommendations?



Mostly checked into the 1970s for this week.

The new Du Blonde album is excellent - caught her in Manchester last week and London last night, fantastic. Didn’t expect the new one to be better than the first but it really is.