Post your most listened to albums of the last week



Still can’t get enough of The Seduction of Kansas. Found USA Nails newie to be much more immediate than the last record. Also discovered a couple of gems through ccatching up with Deerhunter’s Sunday night radio hour playlists.

How was the Certain Ratio gig @Icarus-Smicarus?





What do you make of Life Cinema MB?


Love it. UN do that whole uneasy horrible sound better than anyone. You?

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Likewise think it’s another belter though weirdly finding it more immediate than Shame Spiral, seems slightly less abrasive maybe (Or by their standards, anyway)…?


I love all their albums for pretty much the same reason, big slab of in your face yuck (but ace obvs). Seems to be more a theme, lyrically, with this one to the last - numbness… “tune in, turn off” “why can’t I cry”… There’s more but those are the ones I can remember

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Kylesa! Not listened to them in ages!

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Maybe that’s why I feel it flows better! Dunno either way, totally agree that they don’t have a dud in their catalogue. Gotta catch them again live soon. Their playing Cardiff Pyschfest next weekend and sadly I don’t have tickets…

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pretty good! early stuff sounded great even though i forgot the bassist wasn’t the original lead singer when that stuff was recorded. great bass playing and very tight. much of the set after that had more of that late 80s/early 90s soul-influenced Madchester sort of vibe that’s much less my thing but still pretty tight and impressive. room wasn’t all that full but there were people dancing at the front which gave it a pretty good atmosphere that they were definitely feeding off. think much of the setlist was similar to that compilation (hence the title). worth seeing anyway.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! They’re one of those bands where the basslines always stick out for me so happy to hear that they shone through. Shame to hear that it wasn’t a sell out - what sort of capacity was the venue?


Great album by Rupert Greenall from The FIXX called The Churning.

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Spiral Shadow is still absolutely bangin :metal: Might need to investigate the albums that followed


Butterfly is so good


I only gave that Numenorean album one listen on my phone when I was down in Cornwall, but then whenever I got in the car it connected via bluetooth and played it even though I wasn’t listening to bluetooth, so it got about 3 or 4 extra scrobbles!