Post your most listened to albums of the last week

Loving the Palehound album. This week’s Radiohead news has made me revisit some of those albums for the first time in aeons.

The blank space is Oasis, Morning Glory… obscure.

Few of these are from playing my Spotify Recommends list (Toy Story and Keane). No really … :slight_smile:

The blank one is one of the recent Tool gigs someone sent me the mp3s of.

I had a bit of a Jesus Lizard revival after the top 3 gigs thread.

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The In Conversations gig mainly influenced this weeks listening habits.


For some reason Last FM doesn’t like Steve Hadfield’s new ep, in there at #2

In celebration of Final Fantasy OSTs on Spotify

saw ASIWYFA play the debut album in full in a small venue the other night, v good. first time i’ve heard them do some of those songs in years, first time i’ve heard them do others ever (i regret not seeing them more often in the early days)

doing a lot of Stereolab research as i’m seeing them tomorrow and don’t know enough of their stuff


Without a doubt Caprice Enchanté by The St. Pierre Snake Invasion would’ve been number one if I could get Bandcamp to link to Lastfm

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I recently installed a Chrome extension (Web Scrobbler) to do just that, seems to work pretty well.


Techie boring request - I’ve moved off itunes onto MusicBee and have now logged in to Last.Fm but can’t work out i) how to get to scrobble my musicbee play counts and ii) can’t remember the website you use to get the collages above…please help!

Is it something I’ll need work admin approval to install? If it is I cba

Edit: don’t even think I’m running with chrome lol

Can’t help you with (i) but (ii) is

Ta, that’ll do nicely, looks like and musicbee have been chatting to each other already!

Obviously I don’t know your work set up, if they’re pretty strict then you might have issues. I’ve just done a quick google and there is a Firefox extension, there’s also one called ScrobbleMe for Windows. I couldn’t see one specifically for IE.

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