Post your most listened to albums of the last YEAR ( thread)


Like the weekly thread:

only for the last 12 months instead.

Use this:



Not sure what the gaps are - probably my own stuff


Family using my phone over Xmas there for the Bublé


Enjoyable year, found some new favourites, came back to a few old ones


That sampha album is great, way overlooked


oh yeah, sure. :thinking:







It never finds some artwork for me so I default to having the text on:

Controversially not all my top 10 of the year feature.


Anyway the problem with this is Last has no album stats as such just track plays. This means it’s massively weighted to albums with huge numbers of tracks because a 20 track album counts the same as a 5 track album played 4 times.

I tried to resolve this for my mates by making this
Which would average out plays based on number of tracks, but the last API is a dog to work with and they keep changing IDs. I had to pull all their data in to crunch it and this necessitated lots of clean up.





A few surprises for me in here. Surprised to see Strand Of Oaks, because I didn’t think it was that great - maybe I just tried hard with it when it came out. There are also a couple of track from Celebration Rock, Jaya The Cat and the Fugazi on my running playlist, which is why they’re so high.


Interesting this - The Inevitable End is imo the worst Royksopp album (have binned it) but contains Running To Sea which might be one of the greatest crying on the dance floor songs you will ever hear.


Yeah, I’ve got a 70 track Oval album that I listened to thrice in my top ten, which is a bit annoying.