Post Your quirks

I much prefer it and always try to engineer it so that when I’m in Cafes/restaurants etc especially that I can see/am facing the entrance/exit.

What bounce u?


I’m the same. I don’t like having my back to everyone else in the room. I’m not keen on sitting with my back facing the direction of the train or bus either.

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Classic Prudent

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I sometimes intentionally misconstrue perfectly unambiguous forum posts for attempted comic effect.


When in a coffee shop I like to use a takeaway cup, even when drinking in. I like a large flat white (which is a difficult drink to get as most places don’t do it). I like to sit as far away from other groups of people, but won’t sit near the toilets.
I will use wet wipes when with the kids to clean the table before use.
I like long walks and great talks.

Which DiS coffee wanker is gonna be the one…


Always push open the door to the gents with my fingers crossed in the hope of no-one being in there so I can have a quiet poo. Started doing it on all doors - regardless of need to poo situation.

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I ten pin bowl back handed.


I sometimes wear a posture correcting back brace

I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle.


I generally try and go one way and come back another so that journeys feel cyclical rather than linear.


Please don’t come at me with some “you’re ordering a latte” bullshit. Swear down

. leg drumming

. will scat randomly sometimes like doobee wap shibblyboobapdaay!

. sometimes just enjoy the motion of shaking my head left to right and can do this for like 10 minutes or so to zone out.

. like to position my head in cars so that streetlamps overlap at exactly the right point of the window in my vision

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cool story. Would read again :slight_smile:

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I can never ever finish a plate of food, whether consciously or not u will always leave a little something, like a few peas, or the last bit of carrot or whatever. Usually I hide it under my cutlery on the plate in the 'finished` position.

this is a great skill though, makes you charismatic and interesting no doubt. I wish I told stories I’m very lazy when I relay information to people these days

you shouldn’t eat the starburst wrappers it might be really bad for you

err, it’s not thursday yet??


Always count stairs when I’m climbing them. Always take them 2 at a time. Feel better when there are an even number