Posthumous albums

Been listening to a lot of ‘From a Basement on the Hill’ lately, and I do believe if it was finished it would have been one of his best, but there’s bizarre choices on it, like the fucking chirping track which he had nothing to do with at all.

It’s hard to know what to do, but would some music be better left unreleased, or released without being fully finished? There’s a fine line imo which is hard to walk

I don’t mind things like this being released, but I don’t think they should be considered as one of the artist’s albums. If they didn’t put it together themselves, and most importantly edit it, then it’s not fair to include it as part of their output.

Great to get the extra music, but not their choices so not a proper album.

It’s a great album anyway. My thinly-veiled’s all-time favourite. Also you might want to correct the thread’s title before someone calls you an IDIOT DICKHEAD


I really like George Harrison’s Brainwashed. He was VERY close to finishing it when he died, so his son finished the job for him. He added a bit of chanting to the end of the final track, which I think is meant to imply that his dad achieved transcendence. It’s touching.

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Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk has a lot of good songs on it and I’m happy it got released but it makes you think of how good it might have been with a bit of editing and polishing


Fuck, I googled it and all beforehand @1101010 pls change to posthumous please!

Yeah, kings crossing might be my favourite track of his, it’s just brutal and upsetting.

I’ve corrected it. I’m in a foul mood and I think that it’s made me even more sensitive to spelling and grammatical errors.

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Cheers ccb I always knew I could rely on you

From A Basement is an excellent and at times brutal album. I guess my only complaint would be in terms of its place in the Elliott Smith narrative. He was obviously in a really dark place when he wrote King’s Crossing etc, but it seems like he was pretty clean and in recovery at the time of his death. I guess if he was alive he would have been able to tell the story of the album in interviews, etc.

The Dixie Chickpeas


Pitta Andre


You want something more like Baklava Lashes if we’re being accurate to what comes after, though, right?


Yeah great album, maybe his best other than ATMP? Can’t get on with the production on most of them which is shame cos George rules. Amazing how he makes the ukulele so enjoyable to listen to

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i need to hear this

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Good cover too!

only recently discovered his first two albums… really like 'em, especially:


YUS! It’s so rare to find people who’ll admit to liking Wonderwall Music.

Every lyric on that mottttherfucker <3

Who are these deniers? I’ll fight them.

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