Pot holes are bad thus year

I never thought I would say this but I feel a bit for the cyclists having to avoid them and avoid the cars suddenly swerving to avoid said pot holes.
Anyone else had jip with them or wish to make a mum related joke?


That’s what I said when I saw the pot hole on my road

Yup, Hackney Road is really bad at the moment after the cold weather and heavy rain.

Blame that, cuts to local authority budgets and HGVs


Is this specifically about potholes in New Zealand?


Do you know what I was just thinking that 10 minutes ago.

Snow causes them / makes them worse, doesn’t it?

They’re really bad where I live. I wince every time I drive over a bad one, like ‘PLEASE DONT HURT MY CAR’!

Freeze/thaw cycle, innit?


Do you think we should have under road heating marckee?

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Hit one on Saturday and punctured a tire/dented the alloy. Apparently we can get some mad compo from the council but our insurance will cover the wheel I’d rather they spent the money on fixing the damn thing (or any number of other damn things).

Not sure I follow the logic here

Austerity Britain!

Pretty much every road in Oxford is an absolute state

you would think they could but are old plastic n them or something?

If the pothole has been reported and not subsequently fixed within the appropriate timeframe, you might be eligible for dollars. Or if the council hasn’t carried out it’s cyclic inspections to schedule.

If the council was unaware of the pothole (not reported specifically, or discovered by cyclical inspection), maybe not.

Might as well file a claim.

They’ll have a budget set aside for payouts as part of their financial strategy cos, up to a point, it’s cheaper to pay out where liable than to try and seek out and fix every pothole.

There’s a stretch of road leaving London going towards Kent which is absolutely atrocious at the moment. I’ve just checked FixMyStreet to see if they’ve been reported. LOL.


fucking bike wankers


Big fan of that renegade in the bottom right corner who seems to have reported one in the middle of a field.