Came to the startling realisation the other day that you can be as fancy schmancy with your cooking as you like and it still won’t be as good as a jacket potato.

What’s your favourite thing to put in a jacket potato? mine is basked beans and cheese.

Baked sweet potato with @colossalhorse fruity hot sauces the other day was life affirming too. Try that!

All potato business to be discussed in this thread thanks.

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I basically want a turf war with the quiche thread

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Shitloads of butter. Shitloads of cheese. Plenty of salt.

Also partial to dumping a load of chili con carne on the top.


“pomme de terre”, is what the French call it. Nobody knows the literal translation.


Mmm chili potatoes yes good

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It proper freaked my nut when I lived in Germany and found out in some places they say Erdapfel instead of Kartoffel.

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Yeah. Do them long enough in the oven (rubbed in salt and olive oil first - any less than 1hr 30m on 200 C and you’re not even close to being in the game) to guarantee a skin so crispy that you can’t even get into it with conventional cutlery. Best bit is retaining 4 ‘corners’ that are rock hard and you shovel a load of buttery, cheesy, chilli into them and pick them up to shovel in. Little pockets of heaven. (I’ve been known to wreck the roof of my mouth through sharpness on more than one occasion).


Quiche > Jacket Potato but they are both mighty fine foods.

Beans and cheese is the ultimate jacky p filling, but curry and chili are also well good.



Make leftover baked potatoes into gnocchi for added amazingness.

Gonna get some “I microwave them first and then put them in the oven for 10 minutes to crisp up” jokers in here soon aren’t we. I’m ready for them.


Not a fan of cold fillings like tuna mayo.

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Those people are wasting our time and the potatoes time

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did you know that there is a Faberge Potato?

Reckon we’ve got anyone who eats these amongst us?


And I fear that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what other malice they are capable of. I do not want to know.

I’m not sure I’ve ever actively chosen to eat a baked potato. Get given them a lot with chilli or beans as hockey teas.

It’s pretty unimaginative food isn’t it?

wrapping them in foil for a softer skin?


Almost certainly but I’ll let them off.