Potench DiSmeat in Oxford, March 2018? - Youthmovies reunion/benefit show

Tickets on sale this friday, put it in your diary!!111

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  • never heard of em, mate

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i wonder if @sean will be in attendance

for real mid-00s indie kids only


I am hoping to go to this, but I don’t really know any of you (only met one current DiSer). Does it count as in if I am going to to be in the same place and able to recognise some of you?

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tbh i think the only DiSers who would go to this would be a pretty scattered bunch anyway

Their performance at ATP vs The Fans was absolutely dreadful. Haven’t seen them since, obviously.

preferred foals.


saw them a few times before the album came out and they were always good (singer could be ropey sometimes) but always had a lot of fun

were you a fan of MMISL?



nah wasn’t really into MMISL

I’d enjoyed them previously when they played small venues in London, but they clearly couldn’t step up to the next level, and stood out as a sore thumb with all the international talent on display at ATP.

hate to be a ‘preferred their earlier stuff’ twat but they did seem to get worse as they went on, still well up for reliving 2005 for an evening


I liked that time they played with Adam Gnade.

Why you arranging an Oxford meat for the month after I leave? :worried:

Why arent you organising one before you leave!!

Think I’m the only Oxford disser left.

Oh… :confused:

I’m very tempted by this, I loved them back in the day. I remember seeing them at The Water Rats which was great as well as at Truck which was amazing.

I’m seeing Hell is for Heroes around that time as well.

I think I’ve only be to the Bullingdon once when I friend played an acoustic gig to a pretty much empty room.

anyone manage to get tickets? not me :disappointed:

Really hope they up the venue, had managed to not hear about this at all…