Potential Sub Boards

As discussed in the ‘Making DiS a Safer Space’ thread, one possibility that might help increase and improve engagement is to have a number of themed boards.

This thread is to suggest boards that you would like to see, and any related chat around the subject. @whiterussian will do a thread at a later point including polls based on suggestions here.

If you want to do joke suggestions please hide them under a clearly marked cut to avoid confusion.


My suggestion is an SSP Board accessibly only to members.


my thoughts based on what seems to be popular with the user base:

General Sport
Film & TV
Cooking / Food

this is probably too much though as it doesn’t leave much for the main social boards

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I’d like there to still be a place for silly threads on the board. So hopefully we can still have a ‘generic’ social board board space for stuff like that that isn’t easily categorisable.


Personally I don’t think we should create too many as it could risk siloing everybody off and reducing engagement as some conversations and tangents have to come naturally.

Just a few for the bigger and more ongoing/active topics


off the top of my head

Music (don’t think this needs to be further split down)

Social / Chat

TV & Film (maybe games go in here as well?)




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Just out of curiosity, why would football get it’s own board? (not mean with any animosity, just curious).

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I’d merge football and sport, and would leave holidays and cooking in the general (I mean, those are the two main things that get discussed!!). Otherwise agree. So my list would be:

TV & Film


cos of popularity, must be as many posts in the football threads than in the other sports threads combined

don’t mind either way though, probs better to merge them rather than create too many boards

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Maybe a return to daily football threads? I’d like that and I’d guess that it’s the most posted in sport thread and could potentially clog up a general sport category.

If we look at stuff like the gaming and tv type threads there’s usually only one or two and they are fairly low engagement and take a while to get going. Personally I’d rather keep stuff that doesn’t have a huge broad appeal in with the social.

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a lot of these topics just stick to one thread per month, don’t see a need for seperate message boards personally

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Dunno if it’s worth splitting sports into sports and, idk, fitness/exercise/sports what you do.

One for the running, cycling, home fitness, etc. Threads and one for watching people who are actually good at sport (or Southend)

Or is this too much division?

I guess the point may be that if there’s a designated sub-board then there’s more scope for small threads that won’t just get lost.

Football will be dominant, but there’s loads of other pretty supported sports (NFL, NBA, tennis, boxing, golf, F1 etc). Plus associated fantasy sports (I’d keep them in sport rather than have them in gaming). I think sports betting should be its own thread.

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I would go for broad open subjects and only three or four of them to cut down on everyone splintering off too much

Maybe things like

Culture (film, tv, books, art)

Sports and recreation (football, running, gardening, plants etc)

Ask DIS (smaller advice threads that maybe wouldn’t have a benefit of larger numbers viewing them in the main social section)

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do we know what exactly differentiates separate boards?

If it’s just a different sub section on the main boards page not such an issue but I’m not sure if it affects what you search for and how notifications work etc etc

posting here for visibility

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This was mert_aksac’s case for it which I agree with


Absolutely bodied! :sob:
Genuinely think it’ll be your lot that send us down

I wonder if Sports & Fitness could be a sub-board. Could be broken down in the future I guess.


This is a good point, although even if they’re quite slow moving, I find some of these megathreads really daunting. Also a bit of a nightmare to navigate through backwards but that might just be an iPhone issue.

A lot of these threads are closed yearly. Is there an appetite for closing them more frequently so they don’t get massive?