Potentiam - UK Start-up Creating Opportunities For Everyone To Be Part Of The Billion Dollar Music Industry

Potentiam is the Blockchain music ecosystem where music creatives can converge and collaborate from anywhere in the world. They can interact and transact knowing they are safe and there will be no loss. All transactions are performed with the use of smart contracts, a computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.

With Potentiam, losses that could have occurred using traditional systems like PayPal will not happen. Plus, Potentiam uses a standardized currency(PTM), which means everyone is compensated based on the value they bring to the ecosystem.

Potentiam also leverages a music creative’s potential on social media. The more users engage in a social media network, the more brands advertise on the network, which skyrockets their profit. However, the fans who are making this all possible receive nothing.

On Potentiam, you will receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency (PTM) for sharing, liking and even inviting other people to Potentiam, or offering your services to music creatives on the network for a fee.

The Potentiam ecosystem requires minimal fees, all of which are less than all the other counterparts out there.

The economics of Potentiam is based on meritocracy and a proof of stake ideology. The more you engage on Potentiam, the more you are rated and can be selected by the specially developed algorithm to perform governance tasks on the platform to receive rewards. There are also investment opportunities available on Potentiam.

The governance of Potentiam is constructed to make sure that everyone, from artists to users, has a voice on the network. Every decision on the network is carried out by the members of the Potentiam community.

With Potentiam, everyone is an active and a vital component. Even when it comes to advertising, brands can negotiate with feed holders directly. The more the network is used, the more PTM will increase in value. Fancy owning a part of the Potentiam network? You can set up your future in music to excel and exceed your wildest expectations.

Potentiam will create an equal playing field for music creatives and highlight talents of individuals from around the world.

This is the next evolution of the music industry and the next level of your music career.

Join Potentiam on Telegram to find out more.

Wow exciting!

Couple of questions though if you please

  • Would losses that could occur using traditional systems like PayPal happen with Potentiam?
  • Which cryptocurrencies can you choose to take your billions of profits out in? Ripple’s doing pretty well right now.
  • Please could you tell me more about stake ideology?

That’s it for now, talk to you soon.

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