POTM January, February and March Votes


We shall decide the post of the month each month, and at the end of the year we’ll pit the 12 winners against each other to determine POST OF THE YEAR.

Please vote with your hearts.


1: HMV in administration....again - #416 by Scout
2: Winter Brexit Thread: Our DiScontent - #3482 by SenorDingDong
3: Tuesday evening - #139 by colon_closed_bracket
4: DiS Memes - #52 by manches

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1: Do you know the phonetic alphabet off by heart? - #43
2: It is Wednesday my dude-pals - #107
3: ⭐ W E D N E S D A Y ⭐ - #48
4: https://community.drownedinsound.com/t/sunday/35224/236?u=jaguarpirate

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Might as well vote for the end of year one now, lanyard is going to win every vote for me it still makes me chuckle



1: Thursday Evening/Friday Morning Thread... - #4 by anon19035908
2: Brexit w/c 11 March - Shat Myself on Purpose Guys - #232 by anon3515918
3: Great Things Posted On Social Media - #4902 by Scout
4: Monday/so help me no one else better make this thread - #201

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this month is genuinely too difficult for me!

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Clicked the wrong bloody one

click ‘hide results’ and you can vote again

Afternoon bump.

Looking pretty cut and dry at the minute but you never know

Strong, STRONG competition here. All of them made me laugh and @colon_closed_bracket 's delighted me.
@Scout’s made me lose it though. I now get when people say ‘that’s done me’ :joy::joy::joy:


Happy just to be nominated. When you’re up against Kermy you may as well stay in bed.


i mean yeah but if she wins both february and march she’s gonna be unbearable :smiley:

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How did I miss that @anon19035908 post. That’s so so lovely m9


It was the best day I/we’ve had in years. Still think about it a lot.

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Very upset that someone giving me an absolute doing is currently in the lead


I actually remembered it the other day and LOLed by myself at work. Soz mate

You should be proud!!!
You’re indirectly bringing joy to so many.

she really, really did you there :grin:

Think Jan & Feb are decided but some extra votes for March would be good, it’s close!

bump for daytime voters, only one vote in it.

Just reading Craig Egg had me cracking up, but CTL’s is just too masterful