Pots/pans general advice

Inspired by this quote from BITT:

…boy, do I keep getting my saucepan game extremely wrong.

Got some of those Tefal ones with the removable handle. The non-stick wore off in all of those pans obscenely quickly, like within 18 months.

Learned that non-stick coatings are almost always PFAS so teflon etc is best avoided.

Bought a set of GreenPan pans. Again, they’ve lasted about 18 months/two years and now are covered in little pock-marked dents in the inside, probably from the dishwasher? Regardless, they look dreadful and food’s starting to stick.

I can’t be getting a whole new set of kitchenware every two years. That’s ridiculous.

What should I be getting to cease this ludicrous situation?

Don’t think pans that can survive the dishwasher exist unfortunately. For me it’s often the screw/bolt bits on the outside that go first.

I don’t have a dishwasher and my my pans last a long time. Think ceramic/granite ones generally are better lasting than ones with non-stick coating also


I got an Our Place Always Pan and do quite rate it. I don’t use it like they say with the whole 16 kitchen things in one. I do find it quite sticky though but that may just be me.

I also bought one of their pots which was miles too big for us so I returned it and they refunded me and said “donate it to charity or gift it to a friend” which I did. Very nice.

I need to replace all my cookware soon as it’s all glutened. I’m meant to even have a seperate toaster and need to look into what metals don’t absorb gluten or whatever cause I don’t dishwasher anything like that.

It’s one of those items where it pays to invest in expensive ones. Get a good set of pots and pans and they will last you a lifetime.

I had to buy a whole new set 12 years ago, when I switched to induction. They are still as good as they were on day one. I’ll probably will be buried with them.

This brand, from Belgium:

And they do go in the dishwasher.

think i’ve had mine for about two years now, they’re still doing great. never dishwasher them, only hand wash and quite carefully (no abrasive sponges).

I don’t have a dishwasher, but if I did, I wouldn’t be sticking my pans in it.

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You can bonk burglars on the head with them


Don’t think I’ve ever bought a pan.

Eaziglide eaziglide eaziglide



Stainless steel pan + 2 steaming bits + lid (hand me down from grandparent). Probably 10+ years old and go in the dishy regularly.

2 x Neverstick frying pans (only had for 6 months but seems good so far. They get whacked in the dishy too).

1 x cast iron pan (5 years old, never goes in the diary, obvs)

1 x carbon steel wok (1 year old, never gets dishied)

I have some expensive sticky pans, and cheaper ikea non-stick pans

I find i rarely use the latter now. Managed to learn how to use the steel and cast iron pans properly so stuff doesn’t stick

Also have a big enamel le creuset pot, which is amazing and will last forever

Should’ve stipulated: for health/mobility reasons, pans need to be dishwasherable for our household.

Are stainless steel pans actually good? I’ve been taught to shy away from them because they’re not non-stick.

Got a set of stainless steel pans from Argos when I moved out my parents’ house and other than the frying pan they’re still going strong approx 20 years later.

So you need to get a Time Machine, basically.

I only buy non stick for frying pans. Sauce pans I don’t find to be a problem if they’re not non-stick and the sticky ones last a lot longer. Ours are stainless steel ikea ones and they’re fine

If you make sure you soak them immediately after use (where necessary) they’re fine

All our saucepans (~15 years old) are stainless steel and they’re great. They’ve got nice heavy bases to diffuse the heat out and everything. Yeah, they’re not non-stick and we do burn stuff occasionally, but leave them to soak with a bit of washing up liquid and it’s grand.

Ours don’t go in the dishwasher any more because they’ve got soft-touch rubber bits on the handles that split and perished after a few goes through, but the stainless steel bit is absolutely fine and if it weren’t for the rubber we’d still be using the dishwasher.

Also have a cast-iron frying pan (also maybe 15 years old?) that does not go in the dishwasher. Gentle soap only, still gets spots of rust if you’re not careful.

Also cheap-as-shit wok from Chinatown in Manchester probably 25 years ago. Blackened to fuck, never use soap on it - just wipe down, rinse, dry and re-oil as needed.


Just bought one of these. It’s a new type of non-stick coating that lasts longer and means you need less fat or grease. Too early to tell if it’s value but I have high hopes

They can prise my fat and grease from my cold dead hands


Another one for I’ve had most of my pans for years and years book here. Also don’t have a dishwasher but will have one for the first time in a couple of months. Also switching to induction so several pans will be hitting the road.